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Android Phone 7 Theme

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  1. stig99

    stig99 New Member

    Thanks Paul

    Much appreciated.

  2. Soul2Soul

    Soul2Soul Member

    Can somebody let me know where I can get this dock?
  3. DT3CH

    DT3CH Well-Known Member

  4. striketrue

    striketrue Well-Known Member

    Inspired by PapaPost:





  5. ancola66

    ancola66 New Member

    Very nice thanks
  6. tarzan12

    tarzan12 Well-Known Member

    oh thanks bud....

    i dont mind what icons are for what really...other than the obvious ones lol

    ones id like

    Fun Apps
    VLC remote
  7. choccy

    choccy Well-Known Member


    Could someone please ping me over a couple of 2x1 icons for Media or entertainment and also shopping . Also if any ones has available a drop box one and Astro. Thanks.on the hop so can't do myself and been changing layout.

  8. choccy

    choccy Well-Known Member

    For Desire BTW.
  9. kopkiwi

    kopkiwi Well-Known Member

    This thread is awesome.

    Thanks so much to the OP for going through the trouble and to everyone who made icons.

    Am going to have a good play around with my Desire over the weekend.
    paulmz likes this.
  10. maverick1200

    maverick1200 Active Member

    Could you please email them to me, they look fantastic.

    I have no experience with photoshop, i might have a go this weekend with gimp and try and make my own.
  11. neil363

    neil363 Member

    Not so much a design question but could you tell me what app you use for Xbox Live? Or is it just a link to xbox.com??

    I've been wanting to use an Xbox app for a while but would prefer to use one that I can trust as they require my Windows Live id etc....

  12. gteh

    gteh Member

    Any chance you could share all the images you used? Yours is the best looking one I've seen.
  13. DT3CH

    DT3CH Well-Known Member

  14. kopkiwi

    kopkiwi Well-Known Member

    Love all your icons mate, any chance of a download? THanks :D
  15. gwcaton

    gwcaton Well-Known Member

    maverick1200 likes this.
  16. Skyyy

    Skyyy New Member

    Kopkiwi is it possible to ask for a download of your icons :)? They are so legit :D
  17. Skyyy

    Skyyy New Member

  18. kopkiwi

    kopkiwi Well-Known Member

    Not mine mate. I quoted someone elses images, asking the same thing :D
  19. ThugPanda

    ThugPanda Member

    Garen, is there any way I could get the info for where you got the icon packs for your windows 7 home screen? I have an Evo but I can't find the correct pics to fit my screen. Thanks!
  20. maverick1200

    maverick1200 Active Member

  21. Skyyy

    Skyyy New Member

    Ive created my own icons using your tutorial, for example my 4 x 1 i set it to 470 x 125 as stated. But my own personal icons tend to come out smaller then the other icons of the same size ive downloaded from others. I own a samsung galaxy epic. Help :)?
  22. davem2421

    davem2421 Member

    Thanks paulmz for all your hard work on this, I just have a quick question.

    I've downloaded the APK file and have set up the blue icons but for the messaging I'd like to redirect it to handcent but I can't seem to figure that out or is not possible?

  23. choccy

    choccy Well-Known Member

  24. choccy

    choccy Well-Known Member

    LOL this is not good.

    I uninstalled the original Brightness Widget to install the skinned one and now my phone keeps rebooting!
  25. MickeyCee

    MickeyCee Well-Known Member

    I absolutely love this thread, great job by all.

    This is my first attempt at using my own graphics, hope it doesn't offend anyone and hope I loaded them correctly. Might be safe for work, nothing that ya wouldn't see at a public beach.

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

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