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  1. bhype1

    bhype1 Member

    IPhone 3gs covert to ogsgs2 which I then returned for the skyrocket. Question about the screen: I see what appears to be faint vertical stripes on the display which is very noticeable on solid colored backgrounds in webpages or YouTube vids. Its almost as if the resolution is stretched so thin on this 4.5 inch screen. I didn't notice this on the ogsgs2 and was wondering if others were seeing this also. Wondering if I need to run this one back to BB.

    Otherwise loving the new phone and the android way of things...awesome to be able to customize.

    Thnx for the help.

  2. amill

    amill New Member

    YES! I have noticed this as well. It's mostly an issue if your screen brightness is almost all the way down and you are in a low light area. If you jump your brightness a little bit it will solve the issue. I thought I was the only one who saw this. The guy at Best Buy Mobile took forever to even see it. I had a GS2 for 28 days before this phone came out and didn't see this on that phone.

    Overall, I'm pretty pissed with the data connection issues and screen on this phone. I'd return it but apparently you get 30 days total from the original date of purchase. So now I'm stuck with this phone.
  3. bhype1

    bhype1 Member

    Thnx for the reply. I did notice this effect was minimized when screen brightness is increased although its still pretty noticeable while watching YouTube vids with dark backgrounds and such. Bummer. Second guessing my decision now. Might think about returning for the Vivid or back to gs2. I've got a few days to decide as my original purchase date was 10/17.

    Only grip other than screen is the keyboard. I miss fire often. Any recommendations for a solid keyboard app appreciated.
  4. BKayrac

    BKayrac Well-Known Member

    use swype, it's preloaded on the skyrocket
  5. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    I knew I was not crazy...the screen calibration is off (worse in landscape mode)

    I have not seen the lines consitantly but every low light video has them

    I have the time today that I can transfer them to the PC and see if it is the video or the screen.
  6. Chardnsx

    Chardnsx New Member

    So I can still trust my eyes, I thought I was the only one. I want this phone so badly and having this screen issue is a huge disappointment. *Sigh*
  7. Redraider3403

    Redraider3403 New Member

    I've had my skyrocket for 3 days now and I will be packing it up tomorrow in hopes of getting one without the bleed through issue. Glad I'm not the only one who notices these things.
  8. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    They all have the issue
  9. AdamdangA

    AdamdangA Active Member

    How bad is this, I am going to pick up a skyrocket tomorrow and I really want to make sure I am not making a mistake. I will be switching from and iPhone 4, I really like samsung's style and the customizations you can make with Android. But if the screen bites Ill have a hard time with that
  10. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    as requested

    full brightness

    closer at full brightness


    a little closer

    another one for grins

    and this one at 30%ish
  11. NoWalls

    NoWalls New Member

    Yesterday @ a local San Francisco AT&T corporate store I got confirmation from both a sales person & a tech person of a screen defect that is present in both my Galaxy SII Skyrocket & another Skyrocket at the store.

    The defect is only perceptible in very low light room conditions, viewing dark content. For example we viewed the black screen streaming the opening credits of Apocalypto in an adjacent room w/ the lights off & only ambient light from a couple of monitors; but it is visible w/ any content in the viewing conditions mentioned.

    When holding the screen in landscape view w/ the Samsung logo on the right, a thin black vertical line appears about an inch or so from the right side of the screen. There are also small black blotches & another black line running vertically along the left side of the screen. When noticed they become VERY obvious & visible, especially as your eyes become accustomed to the dark; about a minute or so.

    The tech person had no record of any complaints or notices from Samsung. It appeared obvious to all of us there that the IDENTICAL DEFECTS appearing in 2 completely seperate Skyrockets means this is most probably a defect common to ALL Skyrocket screens & simply replacing the unit wouldn't solve anything.

    Please check your Skyrockets & if confirmed contact & report this issue to the seller & Samsung. Don't hesitate to go down & demonstrate the defects to the store as once its pointed out its very obvious & impossible to deny. If this is truelly a screen defect the only resolution would be an acknowledgment from Samsung & a screen fix & product replacement for all such Skyrockets. This will only happen w/ enough complaints & pressure to resolve this problem.
  12. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    It could also be a bad lot of screens or assembly mistakes make on a certain day that slipped by QC. If that were the case it would affect a large number of phones in a small area of a particular distribution hub. The best way to confirm if it's universal or localized would be for other Skyrocket owners from other areas with serial numbers out of your sequence to be able to repeat the screen problems.

    It would be a shame if it was a problem on all skyrockets.
  13. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    I am currently trying to get a local unit with the defect to show to Samsung personally here in Dallas. Unfortunately I took mine back and I am waiting on a white one. I have now had 3 black ones with the issue, and held approximately another 8 in my hand with the issue.

    When pointing it out to local ATT stores and Best buy they claim the issue is related to the screen design and is not a flaw. (as mentioned in the other thread here and elsewhere the skyrocket is not the only device that has the issue, the epic touch and tmobile versions have it as well)
  14. spikeithard

    spikeithard Well-Known Member

    oh boo hoo. Its a defect that 99.6 % of users will never ever notice. I noticed it slightly last night while using Waze with the night mode on. screen looks great over all.
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  15. gmoney5588

    gmoney5588 Well-Known Member

    not to rain on anyone's parade, but the problem isn't getting the store clerks to notice the problem, it's calling the att customer service and getting them to make a note of it. i did it last time, and they were trying to help me with it but never did anything. when i called 3times in a row, they finally said they'll make an additional note and look into it, which means they still won't do anything
  16. NoWalls

    NoWalls New Member

    AT&T & Samsung demand 100% payment for their products. Anyone who doesn't DEMAND a 100% defect free product is a FOOL.

    After forking over your hard earned money for a brand new product w/ a REAL defect & just dismissing it as an insignificant issue is really just playing the FOOL'S ROLE.

    You have the right to DEMAND that a brand new product is defect free. It is the manufacturer who MUST address ANY DEFECT ISSUES.
  17. docintraining

    docintraining Member

    I have two black spots on my screen and you are right...they can only be seen at an angle when the screen is off...i am going to try and have warranty replace my skyrocket as soon as i am done with finals...
    i have to pretty disappointed with samsung...i thought this would be the product to save me from apple...although i despise that is really not impressing me with the quality of their phones...which apple usually comes through with....:(

    this is not the end of my problems list...add this to the random data disconnections and my at&t store rep telling me theres no special 4 g card and this proves to be a very disappointing experience all together
  18. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    manufacturing defects are going to happen, regardless of brand. Take the 4gs for example. There are STRONG rumors that there is a major battery issue on the first released batch and that those users may in fact receive a battery upgrade in the future.

    The problem with the screen issue is that the populous that experience the issue have not presented it to the proper people for anything to be done about it. I am working on that, unfortunately the first of our two white ones came in last night and it is flawless. The difference in the two screens is actually quite amazing.

    As for your data issue, the need for a 4g sim is debatable however we have determined that your account MUST be provisioned by att for LTE. If it has not been re provisioned, you will have data connectivity issues
  19. docintraining

    docintraining Member

    i think the collection of all the issues has just made me feel bad about the phone...i ran all of the screen diagnostics and the splotches do not show up UNLESS the screen is off and you are looking from an angle so no functional defect there....

    the thing about the data connection problems is the rep at the store said i was under the 4g unlimited plan according to their records but they still denied the existence of a 4g sim card...and hence...i have to reboot my phone at the most random times maybe once in 2 days? very annoying
  20. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    4g unlimited and LTE unlimited are two different plans.

    and yes, there is a
    3g SIM
    4g SIM
    and an LTE SIM , it's been documented all over the web though we have by process of elimination determined all you have to do is call ATT and have them re provision your phone for the LTE plan.
  21. vracer

    vracer Active Member

    There is an LTE plan? I'm in an area with strong hspa signal (In fact I'm staying with AT&T rather than switch to Verizon's phones with LTE that are presently receiving that signal in my area). I thought I got the LTE signal/service anytime I wandered into an area that had it.
  22. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    You may....but connectivity will be random.

    The plan has to be provisioned for LTE on their end and most retail outlets are not ensuring that this happens. They are simply popping in the users old SD card
  23. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    new phones 4 and 5

    I prefer what we got from phone 4 and 5 (both white) over what the previous 3 were shown below.

  24. jimbodean

    jimbodean New Member

    Any updates here? My phone (SGS2LTE) appears to have the same issue, but I'm not 100% sure. It has the exact issue described above while playing a dark video, but the menus and everything else look fine. If I compare the same video content on my phone to my wife's Infuse 4g, the dark portion of the video looks perfectly uniform and fantastic on her phone, but on mine it has the black line described above and splotches everywhere and generally looks like garbage in comparison to the Infuse.

    The post above seems to indicate that the issue can be seen in the menus, but I don't see it there... just in video content.
  25. Araidis

    Araidis New Member

    I am curious, bhype, what did you do to fix this issue if anything at all?

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