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  1. Mr User

    Mr User Well-Known Member

    K guys this is NOT an ad for this online shop, but I recently found this at avalon dimension, you can google it up its actually on first page. It sells pretty cheap phones, lots of them, which makes me think.
    Is this shop even legit? Or is it just a scam? Or like it sells fake, copycat phones or stolen ones?
    I've no idea, but google picks up a hell lot of results, which means its probably famous or has a unique name. If you try avalon dim--- on the search bar google actually refers to the full name. BUT the store sells so cheap it sounds like a scam. When I tried emailing them, they sent me an automatic email saying they'll need a few weeks to process, which is more weird, considering some company big enuff to sell with that price probably has tons of supplies (either they run out or the company's ran by a few dudes routing up old/fake phones somewhere in China)
    So again, any info would be great thanks. Already spent a ton just weeks ago on sports stuff, my Galaxy Ace is driving me nuts and looking for something high-end without shelling out a few more good hundreds. If anyone tried and its good, well good for peeps who sees this thread too then.

    >>>Anyone tried this shop or just an expert at sniffing scams pls gimme some info. Thanks<<<

  2. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    Nope, that is a scam or "fake website".

    There is no contact information, nothing relevant in the whois, the only comments on their Facebook page are stuff like "is this a scam?" and "this is a fake company!".

    Stay away. ;) Too good to be true anyway.
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  3. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    More likely it's just a bot website (revenue from ads anyone ??). The banner is created in GIMP . Most likely there should be more clones out there . Fine SEO btw ;) .
  4. gatorback

    gatorback Member

    Q. How is it possible that the can sell these things and stay in business?
    A. If it's too good to be true, well then...
  5. Hroscoe

    Hroscoe New Member

    I too had the same result. Wait a few weeks. I suspect that it is a common to either collect email addresses or ad-clicks.
  6. robbiegreene508

    robbiegreene508 Well-Known Member

    I too, saw and gave my email, and received the same response about weeks... you guys that posted" weeks" ago, anybody get a legit reply? Look at their payment policy too. Apparently they send you the phone FIRST, then when you receive and inspect it, THEN you pay. Hmmm. Legit? DOUBTFUL. If it is, did anyone else NOT receive their order of 100 different high end phones? I surely won't! Lol
  7. ru4krisk

    ru4krisk New Member

    i too would love to hear anything positive about this to good looking to be true company. just can't afford to drop the bucks it takes to get the latest greatest devices.

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