Best Password Manager App??

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  1. PeaceMaker

    PeaceMaker Well-Known Member

    Big beef I have with KeePass is that it doesn't auto login. What is wrong with RoboForm?

  2. JohnNJ

    JohnNJ New Member

    Nothing wrong with RoboForm. I love it. The Android app is just a temp. work around. I'm sure they'll come up with a real app sooner or later.
  3. MikeekiM

    MikeekiM Well-Known Member

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  4. ewingr

    ewingr Well-Known Member

    I just moved to Keepass tonight, and like what I see so far.

    Re: autologin: it does, halfway. If you get to teh login screen and have your cursor in the userID field, you can right click on the entry in the DB for it, and select Perform Auto Type, and it will enter teh ID and Password and log you in. What it won't do is click on it in the DB and all in one swoop take you to the site and log you in.

    I"m liking it along wiht Drop Box to easily and inexpensively have access to my passwords from my computers and phone. And, I am strengthening my passwords (something I've needed for a long time) by having it generate strong passwords for me.
  5. piannetta

    piannetta Well-Known Member

    I'm the same, but their refusal to consider building an Android version has infuriated me. After browsing this thread, I'm going to give b-folders a try.
  6. rfreschner

    rfreschner Active Member

    They've come out and said they weren't going to build a full Android version or they just haven't yet? I had the same issue with Passwords Plus where they have come out and said they have no plans to build an Android version.

    Their import capability appears very limited also.
  7. piannetta

    piannetta Well-Known Member

    I've been in direct communication with them - to quote the response:

    We're looking into it but we don't have a plan either way yet. I just added your count to our tracking list!

    This lack of commitment doesn't fill me with confidence. So they've lost me. B-folders isn't as polished but it's functional and it allows me to edit - yay! The sync was a bit tricky but got that going eventually.
  8. rfreschner

    rfreschner Active Member

    Bummer, eWallet looked promising. All of the others I've looked at so far don't offer the customization capabilities that Passwords Plus did with the exception of eWallet. So, it looks like it's sacrifice functionality or accessibility.
  9. PeaceMaker

    PeaceMaker Well-Known Member

    Ahh, so does this work flawlessly? Meaning, if I go to my bank website and get to the login screen, long press, and hit KeePass Login and it will login? (I dont have it downloaded to know--just thinking it through).

    Which app are you referring to as the "Android app?"
  10. Jennster

    Jennster New Member

  11. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

  12. PeaceMaker

    PeaceMaker Well-Known Member

    I've officially tried all of the password managers except for B-Folders... I've come to the conclusion that LastPass is the best (in my opinion). It's by far the easiest to use across all platforms.

    It syncs w/ all browsers flawlessly and will auto login, auto fill in forms, keep secure notes, generate passwords (as secure or insecure as you choose), create one time passwords for public domains, and so much more.

    I downloaded it to my device to tryout for 14 days and I think I'm going to become a premium member after my Trial period is over. Why? Because $1 a month is worth peace of mind: knowing that my passwords are secure and that I have one app to keep track and log me in automatically. It just works great. I suggest that you guys try it out on your PC's (or Macs, I have it installed on both Mac & PC) and then try it out on your Android!

    You can try out LastPass for 14 days on your handset. I am in no way affiliated w/ LastPass (FYI).
  13. ewingr

    ewingr Well-Known Member

    Considering that I've only had it a couple days, I'm probably not qualified to answer...although I have had it work every time except once. When it failed I was at a site that expected an extra hit of a button, or something (I forget exactly), but it had the name in, and the password, and came up with a comment "Press the login button".

    I can't say its the best, as I have not looked at all of them. The poster above me sounds like he has found a nice one also. The only other one I actually experimented with was B-Folders, but I felt it was too expensive for the PC version. Didn't work with it very long.

    I'm happy with this one for now. Put all my passwords in it last night.
  14. nguyenhg

    nguyenhg Member

    Which version of KeePass on your PC is compatible with the Droid? 1.x, 2.x, or both?

  15. Corinne

    Corinne Member

    I use Tiny Password which is really good for quickly entering logins in forms etc. I've also recently tried Moxier Waller which in my opinion, has the best UI for any wallet/password app. It also has a nice-looking desktop application to sync with. It's a bit pricey for sync after the free trial but it's working so well for me at the moment, I may well pay for it.
  16. guruleenyc

    guruleenyc New Member

    I religiously use roboform on several pc's and synch them with goodsynch. It is rock solid and save tremoudous amounts of time filling in forms and credentials. There is a light version for the droid...haven't tried it yet.
  17. LazyEngineer

    LazyEngineer Active Member

    As you probably know, there is an Android version of 1Password now. I am not very satisfied with it - you cannot add/edit. you have to sync with the main computer. cumbersome - and main computer means you have to purchase it as well (at a lot more than just a couple bucks). The Android version isn't nearly as good as their iPhone version.
  18. LazyEngineer

    LazyEngineer Active Member

    KeePass App does not allow you to modify your password database. This is a big deal. I use my phone and password App both work and at home. And at work, I have to change passwords so often. Yet, I can't update the database in my phone. So I have to come home, update my home database, and then transfer that to my phone? That's not very useful. 1Password for iPhone was awesome, because you could update the database from within the phone. But neither 1password nor Keepass will let you. I want one that let's me update my database from either my PC or my Android phone, as convenient. I have not found this yet.
  19. Umm Yeah...

    Umm Yeah... New Member

    I currently am using a BlackBerry while lusting after several Android models. I have used KeePass for BlackBerry and it has a key feature that I find very helpful. Rather than syncing the database between the phone and my PC, I loaded the Portable version of KeePass onto the SD card and the KeePass for BlackBerry on my phone. I had both of the versions access the SAME database on my SD card. That allows me to be able to plug my phone in via USB and open the program on my PC or, if I'm with someone who only has a Mac, I can open the app and pull up the passwords that way. I'm ALWAYS in sync no matter which way I use it and make the change since they are both the app and the portable program are tied to a single database. As I say, I can't confirm that this set up will work on a Droid, but just give me a couple of months until I get the opportunity to try it out myself! Best of luck!
  20. HotDawg

    HotDawg Well-Known Member

    For anyone who runs across this post in the future, I just want to add that SplashID has updated (around 7/10) and now syncs really easily.

    Thumbs up, again.
  21. I would like to add to this list of software the great Universal Password Manager: Universal Password Manager

    It manages your password safely across different platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (the workstation software is written in Java) and of course Android as well.
    It's quite simple but the beauty of it is to manage synchronisation of the different versions. Well it's more automatic updates ... but that works.
    You only need to have a directory on a web server that supports PHP.

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  22. saltorio

    saltorio Well-Known Member

    I'm with PeaceMaker. LastPass is where it's at for password management. I switched to it after getting tired of waiting for SPB to port SPB Wallet (which I had been using on my old WinMo phone) over to Android. I tries some other apps while looking for a replacement, and LastPass' cloud storage and integration with all the major desktop browsers peaked my interest. Testing the Android app did it for me.

    Other than a bug with the the Chrome plugin not working for about a week due to code changes in the dev version of Chrome (which is now rectified), I haven't looked back.
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  23. chipnoenputt

    chipnoenputt New Member

    Did you find an answer - looking for the same

  24. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    Keeper password & data vault, had that on my BB (company provided it to me along with the phone), installed it on my iPod touch as well and I see it on the Android market. However it's not cheap.
  25. Kaystoy

    Kaystoy Member

    :confused:I have the newest version and it does not sync for me, and I have followed every direction to a tee!

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