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  1. knitpurlgurl

    knitpurlgurl Well-Known Member

    I installed BetterCut and have an icon pack I'd like to use. I read on another forum to long press on a screen>shortcuts>BetterCut>All ACtivities> then choose the app whose icon you wish to change>Change Icon> Pick from Icon Pack> then pick the icon you want>Create

    I have done this and it looks as though it is changing the icon while I'm doing the steps. But once I exit BetterCut, the icon has NOT changed. If I repeat the steps once I get to the app I tried to change, I notice it did not change.

    Am I doing something wrong? :confused:

  2. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    Better Cut does not change the program's icon, it just changes the shortcut icon....that is, you won't see any change to the icon in your app drawer, just on the shortcut icon that you put on one of your phone screens.
  3. knitpurlgurl

    knitpurlgurl Well-Known Member

    Right - I'm just looking to change the shortcut icon on my screen, not in my app drawer, but it isn't changing it. :(
  4. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    dunno. your steps seem to be correct. Don't know why they aren't working for you. Do you wait to back out until it gives you a message that the icon was created? It takes a couple of seconds.

    Also as a by the way, have you used Launcher Pro? You can also create custom icons with LP and it is actually much easier. There is a free version which pretty much is all you need. The Pro version gives you the ability to resize your widgets and gives you access to the LP widgets. I have been using LP for awhile and I love it. I haven't had the need to use Bettercut since I have LP.
  5. knitpurlgurl

    knitpurlgurl Well-Known Member

    I am a complete and utter tech idiot. I have Launcher Pro Plus and like I said, Bettercut. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to install custom icon packs. I have followed the steps listed in the forums here for Better Cut. I cannot figure out how to do it on LP. I think I am destined to have boring icons. ;p
  6. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    You're not installing an "icon pack" when you choose to create an icon shortcut; you're using an icon from the downloaded pack for that purpose. ;)

    Your steps are correct, I use them all the time.
  7. knitpurlgurl

    knitpurlgurl Well-Known Member

    :p I downloaded icon packs.. but can't seem to create an new icon for the app shortcut. I am missing something. I will keep reading. If anyone has tips or suggestions, please post 'em! 'Til then, I will try to become more educated on icons and shortcuts. :eek:
  8. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    to put a shortcut on your desktop with LP and change the icon, do this:

    -long press on screen
    -under add to home screen: select "shortcuts"
    -under select shortcut: select "applications"
    -pick the app you want to make a shortcut for, i.e. barcode scanner
    - it will come up with a window that has the current barcode scanner icon and underneath words that currently say "barcode scanner"
    - there is also a message that says (touch this icon to change it)
    -touch the barcode scanner icon
    -you will get a box that says "Complete this action using" and it will give you your options: for me it is 3D Gallery or Photos
    -Select One of those (if you want to use an icon out of an icon pack you have I suppose you will need to move that icon to the photo folder using a file explorer like Astro)
    -find the photo/icon you want to use and touch it to select it
    -it will then go back to a box that says "Edit Shortcut" and has a button that says "Ok"
    -hit OK
    -there should now be an icon on your homescreen for that app

    To change an icon that is in the dock, just long press it and it will give you these options:

    -change shortcut
    -change icon
    -swipe gesture action

    Select change icon and then select whether you want to use LP icons or a custom icon. the LP icons are pretty boring so you would probably want to use a custom icon which you could pick from your gallery/photos.

    anyway that is the way I do it. I hope you can understand this and it helps a bit. Good luck.
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  9. knitpurlgurl

    knitpurlgurl Well-Known Member

    Thank you- Thank you - Thank you! I used the step by step process in THIS post for putting my icon packs in my gallery and then your tutorial to swap out the shortcuts. :) Worked well!

    UPDATE: Had an "A-HA" moment and just moved my apps using my computer to the DCIM file. Then when I used your tutorial, my icons were already in my gallery.
  10. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    Good to hear it! Have fun.:)

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