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  1. IIsnickerII

    IIsnickerII Member

    Hey fellow androids!

    I got a bit of a problem. I rooted my SGS (I9000) a little while ago and it was working just fine. Up until a certain moment. I unlocked my SGS and there was the black screen with both menu buttons lit up. After removing the battery and booting it up it was stuck at the galaxy s logo loading screen for a long time, before jumping back to the black screen.

    I orderd a jig to get my SGS in download mode to flash it to its original firmware (I9000XXJF3 as far as i can remember). (i did try a LOT of other FW versions but all of them stuck at the SGS logo or wouldn't even boot). However this just brings me to the black screen again.

    Does this mean i perma bricked my phone and i need to hope samsung wants to help me fix it, or am i forgetting something.

    My SGS is a Dutch Samsung Galaxy S T-Mobile version.

    I would appreciate any help anyone can get me. After all this waiting for the jig to arrive, i would like to use my SGS again.

    Thanks in advance,
    Steven van Rosendaal

  2. antoeknee

    antoeknee Well-Known Member

    Sounds a lot like when I had a similar problem just doing a factory reset brought phone back to life.

    Search forum for 3 button method fro doing restore.
  3. IIsnickerII

    IIsnickerII Member

    Thats a bit of a problem because i flashed my SGS multiple times now. so the all "original" software is gone now. I might have found a solution with with the firmware, however if it wont work, i must go back to the firmware i have now and do the three button method. If that doesnt work, may samsung have mercy on my soul...
  4. IIsnickerII

    IIsnickerII Member

    Nope, nothing worked out. Most firmware just does not boot at all, and if it does, it just returns to the black screen again. I guess i am out of options but to return it. The problem is that i

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