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Bluetooth Queries

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  1. Yeah_Mick

    Yeah_Mick Active Member

    Ive turned the bluetooth on and paired it with my old phone(se k650) what im trying to do is bluetooth all my contacts across but when i press so send via bluetooth on the SE it wont find the hero, even when its on discoverable, and when i go through "my devices" on the SE and look at the hero its offering no services. Ive also trying sending stuff from the hero and to the hero like photos and such with no luck.

    help me please.

  2. Edbanger

    Edbanger Well-Known Member

    i may be wrong, but i dont think the hero bluetooth accepts or sends files. just headphones and handsfree.?? sorry mate.
  3. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    More profiles should be added over time as Android develops over time. I say 'should' - that does not necessarily mean 'will'. :confused:
  4. Yeah_Mick

    Yeah_Mick Active Member

    so its a cse of letting the gf copy them over one by one?
  5. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    BT them to OutLook, export OutLook to Google Contacts and your Hero should then sync with them from there.
  6. Plymouthbiker

    Plymouthbiker Active Member

    I have spoken to HTC UK and they said that Google and themselves are working on the file sending and receiving issue. It should be updated soon so don't panic. Personally I think for such a good phone this should have been included on it from the start... That and a flash for the camera on the HERO! Apart from that I have no problems. Really though, HTC and google should have seen how everyone complained about it on the iphone when that first came out. It's not a big issue to address.
  7. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Actually it is, as the current Android Bluetooth stack doesn't yet support file transfer. It can't simply be implemented for one particular handset due to the open source nature of the OS; it has to be an inclusive feature.
  8. capuman

    capuman Well-Known Member

    any news on whether this will be fixed for android 2 or rather the hero in particular?
  9. chris4chelsea

    chris4chelsea Well-Known Member

    mate, my gf has a se phone too.. not sure if yours its a model with SD card... if so, u can go to contacts... (i think) more options... advance, then u can backup your contacts to mem card. do that and u will save a .vcf file with all your contacts. pull out ur mem card and connect to ur pc then import to gmail. thats it!... gd luck
  10. rob200375

    rob200375 Active Member

    I know it is an old thread, but I sent all my contacts via text, as 1 text and the hero when I selected each contact just saved them indivually

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