Break market link for an app I don't have installed

  1. Davey102

    Davey102 New Member

    Hi y'all. I have a problem similar to the one below but different in that it relates to an app I don't actually have installed.

    The app is 'Lovely Beach Live Wallpaper', which I believe came bundled with the stock ROM on my SGS2. I think I must have used Titanium Backup to create a Market link for it in the first place.

    Now I'm using another ROM without it and it keeps asking me to update the app but the update is declined because I haven't paid for it. I can't uninstall because it's not installed and I can't install because the only option is 'Update'.

    Titanium Backup naturally doesn't list it because it's not installed. I installed another paid app called MyToolbox (for less than 15 minutes) but had the same problem there. Short of flashing a stock ROM, breaking the link and then flashing back to where I am now, how can I stop this appearing in my list of updates?

    Cheers :D

  2. Davey102

    Davey102 New Member

    Well, this seems to have gone away by itself, as far as I can tell... :D
  3. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Market does need a way to remove an app you have either deleted or now do not have since you changed phones.
    I really think removing an app from "my apps" would give feedback from those who don't post comments.

    Even Yahoo put up a box with "why are you changing back to Classic email" if you decided you didn't like the new email. You could give any reason if there was not a button for your reason.

    Market could do the same. "Why are you deleting this app?"
    1 - doesn't run on new phone (give OS)
    2 - app needs work
    3 - app crashes phone, etc.

    Maybe people wouldn't fill that out, either. But you should still be able to remove it from your list.

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