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Camera not working on ICSSupport

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  1. ankitnice

    ankitnice Active Member

    I upgraded to ICS (4.0.3) and have Cyanogen Mod 9.0.0 this Sunday and everything works fine(no so though) but the problem is that my camera doesn't work. Whenever I try getting into the camera, is says " Unfortunately, Camera has stopped". Also, at times, it says "Unfortunately, Clock has stopped".
    Please suggest some fix. I need help desperately..

  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I think the camera not working is a known issue in CM9
  3. ankitnice

    ankitnice Active Member

    Is there any way out of it??
  4. jdimitar

    jdimitar New Member

    With the latest beta version for ICS 4.0.3 beta 7 camera work :D
  5. raydroid1

    raydroid1 New Member

    Just updated myself. It is true, the camera app doesn't work but then again you can download others. Just got Camera ICS; there is a free and paid version (I paid 99c) and it is much better than the default one. There are others too
  6. sregnov

    sregnov New Member

    i think you should change your ROM to another ICS one. search google for something that DevSwift or Miraslov made. their ICS ROMs have working cameras.
  7. ankitnice

    ankitnice Active Member

    Where do I get it??

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