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  1. bdawn8403

    bdawn8403 New Member

    The stereo in my car has a USB hookup and works perfectly fine with an IPod. So I thought I could use the detachable USB cord that is my phone charger to use to charge my phone in the car but it decharges it? My phone decharges also when I use a regular car charger. Is it my phone or a setting maybe?

  2. killersquirel1

    killersquirel1 New Member

    The charger for the LG Axis is rated at 700mA. Normally, USB ports supply 500mA. In my experience, my phone (LG Axis like yours) charges VERY slowly off of a computer, or, depending on what's running, discharges. Thus I believe that my phone automatically goes into high-power mode when plugged in, and it draws around ~450-550mA (drawing the extra from the battery. Granted the 450-550 is complete BS I pulled off of the top of my head).

    Thus if you kill all of the apps running on your phone, you might be able to get it to charge. Otherwise there might be high-current car chargers on the market, I don't know.

    It is annoying that your phone can't be off and plugged in, though...

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