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Change Gmail PasswordSupport

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  1. Karine

    Karine New Member

    I recently changed my Gmail password and am now unable to access Gmail or Google Talk on my original Motorola Droid.

    It's been suggested that my phone would eventually tell me that my password was incorrect and prompt me to enter my password and at one point I was prompted to enter a series of confirmation characters, but I'm not being prompted to enter my new password. I've power cycled the device several times and removed the battery several times and am still not being prompted to enter my new password.

    I tried removing my Gmail account with the intent of re-adding it with the correct password, but received a prompt that the account is required and that the only way to remove it is to reset my phone. I of course would really like to avoid having to reset my phone.

    Can anyone help me enter my new password without having to reset my phone?

  2. uzetaab

    uzetaab Well-Known Member


    settings>accounts & sync>add account>google

    maybe if you add a 2nd account, it will let you delete the first one?
  3. friesen3565

    friesen3565 New Member

    I am having the EXACT same problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. binghoko

    binghoko New Member

    I just solved this problem on my Motorola Droid. It was not obvious because Gmail does not prompt you to change password. All it did was telling you the sync had run into problems, and if you try setting up a second/new Gmail account it won't work using the same username. I was also unwilling to reset the factory default as Droid suggested. So here's what I did:

    1. Clear all the notifications you receivd.
    2. Setting> Account & Sync > Manage accounts (where you should see your Gmail account listed)
    3. click the Gmail account
    4. uncheck all the boxes for Sync ....
    5. use the hardkey menu button (second from the left, bottom menu) to click "Sync Now"
    6. At this point, a notification will appear asking you to give password
    7. If you give the changed/correct password, you should be Ok to go
  5. mailor

    mailor Member

    Hi, I am having the same issue with my HTC desire.
    Changed my password on my desktop and now want to update with the new password on my phone.

    Seems that this usecase was not thought about very well by the gurus at Google.

    I kept getting the distored confirmation text to type in over and over again when I try to access my gmail app.
    Tried this
    but no cigar!.
    after I unchecked all the checkboxes for the autosync and then try to Sync now, the app shortly tries and then I get the attention triangle in the notifications at the top telling me a Sign-in error for my account.

    If I select this error, I go back to the endless loop of the distored confirmation text
    again and again.... and again.....!!!!

    someone out there please help!!
  6. mailor

    mailor Member

    Late last night I managed to solve this problem for myself but I would call it a very illogical process, but it may help anyone struggling with this.

    I decided after being confronted with my phone being locked out of the my google world, that I would revert my global password back to its original state on my desktop.

    After doing this, I looked on my phone and I was surprised to see the dialogue for my new google password staring at me! The elusive sight that I had been pursuing for the last hour!

    I quickly went back to my computer and changed the password again to the new one and then back on the phone, put in the new password as well.

    Now my life is back to normal with the new password. pweeeehh

    Please google gurus - address this issue! This bug is serious!!
  7. hel_is_heaven

    hel_is_heaven Member

    What about if you don't know your original password?
  8. mailor

    mailor Member

    Shit yeh!!
    The app never asked me for the old password!
    I havent thought about the implications of this bug, but I know that it is major and should be high on the prio list for the google developers to fix.
    Id go as far as say that missing this one for so long, even seeing as Ive found posts over 12 months old about this is a very serious blow to my confidence in Google.
    Hope they jump on this ASAP
  9. tackwell

    tackwell New Member

    thanks! it works on my myTouch 3G Slide!
  10. bronto98

    bronto98 New Member

    Yeah this is an amaturish mistake and the fact it's not been fixed in a couple of years of the issue occuring is a really bad sign.

    We ran into this today when testing Android phones as a possible corporate phone option because we get so many requests for them. There is apparently absolutely no reliable fix for this issue but, to totally factory reset the phone. We literally will be buying thousands of phones. This is a total show stopper for us and andoid was removed from our approved list today because of it.

    I have an android phone for my personal phone... I have a g1, nexus 1, and vibrant and all three have this endless loop issue. I'm shocked that it's presisted so long. And the stupid site key thing is impossible to read. With our average user being in their mid 40's, I cant even read half the site keys myself and I'm in my mid 35's, there is just no way and it adds absolutely no security value I can tell from the phone front. I'm beside myself in disappointment.

    It should be setup so you reset your password online and the new credentials are automatically sent or sms'd to your cell and setup automatically.
  11. mecrodrigues

    mecrodrigues New Member

    Hi there,

    To solve this issue you have to go to the notification bar, after the sync fails.
    Click on "Sign-in error for <your gmail account>".
    So, now you can type your new password!

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  12. JeanChastain

    JeanChastain New Member

    I went back and forth several times between the old and new passwords, and the Droid2 would not sync if gmail had the new password and it would sync if gmail had the old password. Still no screen asking me for the password.
  13. mecrodrigues

    mecrodrigues New Member

    Hmm.... when sync fails, there is no message on the notification bar?
    If there is, can't you tap on it?

    Let's continue trying.
  14. tomkdesign

    tomkdesign New Member

    Got the answer. I have an EVO and it took me about 20 minutes to figure this out.

    If you change you password and on Google, it wont automatically sync to your phone. Once the your phone attempts to sync it then errors out as noted above.

    You just have to click the notification bar, then click the error message. It will bring up the username and password form.

    Enter your password and you should be good.

    I love you
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  15. nachtmuzic

    nachtmuzic New Member

    this is the ONLY thing that worked for my Thunderbolt. Thank you for figuring this out.

  16. PMT2

    PMT2 New Member

    Here's a simple fix I found
    Use Market
    If you attempt to log into the Market after resetting your Gmail password, it will prompt you for a new password. This will update the password for your email Gmail account too.
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  17. Viktorya

    Viktorya New Member

    Worked like a charm on my HTC Inspire.
  18. rahul.lntcp

    rahul.lntcp New Member


    This bug is still not fixed. I am facing this issue in my experia.

    can anybody help?

  19. kakalakak

    kakalakak New Member

    Change the time and date, make sure its up to date.
    Optionaly put it so it's updated from the internet.

    As soon the time and date is correct, SYNC will work.
  20. Cireaux

    Cireaux New Member

    I was unsuccessful with the fist attempt following the quoted instructions...but when I remembered that I had the 2 step verifiecation turned on in my gmail account settings,I went back to gmail turned 2 step off and tried again...with success this time. Thanks for your help!

  21. princeofapps

    princeofapps New Member

    I just changed jobs and needed to reset my personal e-mail password...in doing so, I locked myself out of my Droid X.

    I thought, it would be as simple as resetting the password, but this is not an intuitive process...reading the post above, I gave it a try...and BAM, it worked.

    My new password is now on my device and e-mail is flowing once again.

    Thank you the information, hopefully others come across this valuable tip!!!
  22. murrayzz1

    murrayzz1 New Member

    Two years on, people are still struggling with the same issue. This fix won't work any more, because Google no longer allow you to revert to a password that you have used previously.

    So instead of fixing the problem, they've made it worse.

    Apparently, if you change your password, you should get a notification about a sign-in error so that you have to re-enter the password. On my phone (HTC Desire Z Android 2.3.3), this doesn't happen. I just get a lame message in my Accounts & Sync settings that says "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly".

    On the GMail app it says "Waiting for sync. Your email will appear shortly."

    Pathetic. Crap.

    Google Apps for Business Support say this, "Unfortunately we don't support the Gmail application since its not a Google Apps core service."

    Run that one by me again? Google don't support their own app that is supposed to link a phone running their operating system to a business application that I pay for?

    Sounds like we're on our own with this one! Meanwhile I've got a smartphone that I can't use for email, thanks to Google.
  23. Flapjacks2012

    Flapjacks2012 New Member

    Morning All,

    Getting the same headache everyone else here is getting. The "use the market" solution looked promising but still wont log in. Might be a bit of user error though so I'll reset my pw a 3rd time via Chrome just now......
    Market wants a password, 3 verofication SMS codes later still can't get on/in.
    And now my GoogleDrive on my pc "has a problem signing in, try again later", have done my verification code on my phone. This is all a real PITA :mad:.
  24. gaildaly

    gaildaly New Member

    Go to settings, Accounts, Gmail, Notifications: Uncheck all.
    The turn off phone & turn back on. You should see an orange
    icon at the top: Pull down from top and a screen should pop up
    and want a new password. Good Luck
  25. FranticEmpire

    FranticEmpire New Member

    I changed my Gmail password and turned on 2 step verification to try it out. Better security? Sure, why not! But then my phone would not accept the new password. I tried power cycling, and even after a factory reset and re-linking my Gmail account it said my email and password didn't match. Later I realized I had changed the log in with the 2 step verify, turned it back off and boom: my phone could log back in.

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