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  1. kinjan1

    kinjan1 New Member

    my galaxy 10.1 does not charge to full 100% it just stops charging @35% :confused: pls help me if a solution ... thank you!!!!

  2. Buddha64

    Buddha64 Well-Known Member


    Rooted? ROM?
  3. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    Yes, more info please...we're not psychic.
  4. kinjan1

    kinjan1 New Member

    i mean even charging for the whole night the battery does not charge above 35% but shows chrging sign... no red cross on the battery sign ......... i use the original charger provided by samsung (wall Mounted) ...
  5. Pep

    Pep Well-Known Member

    And breathe.......

    Once charged overnight and only showing 35%, does it last like it's only at 35% or lasts as long as if it was showing 100%?

    Is this tablet rooted and running a custom rom?
    or is it stock standard?

    We need to know, for instance if its rooted
    It could need a battery calibration done to it, something like

  6. kinjan1

    kinjan1 New Member

    hey... its only last 35% .... and i checked its nt rooted nor running a custom rom or stock standard..... pls help>>>
  7. Coach70

    Coach70 Well-Known Member

    Most likely you have a bad cell. If you are feeling brave you can replace the battery yourself. The following video shows the procedure: It's about $40 for the battery.

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