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  1. Wendemi

    Wendemi Active Member

    Is there a software i need to connect my EVO to my PC? Can someone help me with a link? I tried on the htc website but couldn't find it. Thanks.

  2. IXIShogunR1

    IXIShogunR1 Well-Known Member

    its on your SD card, hook up the EVO to the PC. your EVO will have options pop up, you want to use it a removable drive/card.
    go to the HTC sync folder, pull out the install program, and then run it
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  3. Wendemi

    Wendemi Active Member

    Thanks. I connected my EVO but there was no pop up screen. I changed to setting on pc connect to "ask me" but still nothing. I downloaded and installed htc sync from the HTC website but when I connect my phone and launch the software, it says "disconnected". Anything else I can do?
  4. Vincent Law

    Vincent Law Well-Known Member

    Something's wrong with the USB port or Windows on your PC then.
  5. IXIShogunR1

    IXIShogunR1 Well-Known Member

    what version of windows?
  6. Wendemi

    Wendemi Active Member

    I have Windows 7 and the computer is new. I don't think it's an issue with the the usb port.
  7. Okay I heard this is in the owners manual and a friend talked me thru this issue. On the EVO go to settings>connect to PC>Default connection Type>Select default type>HTC Sync
    Then make sure you have HTC Sync running on your computer and connect your EVO by USB cable to your computer. It should start syncing. It will sync your Windows outlook and calendar. It worked for me and I am using Windows 7 and Outlook 2007.
    I hope that helps you.
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  8. IXIShogunR1

    IXIShogunR1 Well-Known Member

    i think some people been having issues with windows 7
  9. Wendemi

    Wendemi Active Member

    I finally decided to do a hard resset by pulling the battery and SD card. After I rebooted my phone and connected it to the PC, it just worked like it was supposed to. Thank you all for your replies and suggestions.
  10. trader914

    trader914 Well-Known Member

    Ok... All of a sudden, I can not connect my EVO to my PC.

    I do not have HTC Sync installed and I do not want that feature - I just want to use my EVO as a disk drive.

    When I connect the USB cord, nothing pops up to ask what type of USB connection I want. Absolutely nothing happens. I have taken out the battery and unmounted the MicroSD and re-installed everything - nothing.

    Can some Task Killing apps or No Lock apps or other apps cause this?
  11. trader914

    trader914 Well-Known Member

    Nevermind... Got it working again. Strangest thing: I changed the cable and it worked. I mean....really? One type of MicroUSB-USB cable is different than another type? Both charges the phone.... but one doesn't exchange data? Why is everything so damn finicky and tricky? Jeeeeez
  12. kct1975

    kct1975 Well-Known Member

    Ok....after having owned my HTC EVO for over a year, I finally decided to try connecting it to my laptop and have successfully removed pictures from my SD card to my PC.

    My question is, while I can access the files on the SD card in my phone just fine, should I download and install the HTC Sync software or should I not.

    I ask because a few years ago, I downloaded and installed the Blackberry software, and when I connected my Blackberry to the computer, it completely screwed up all of the settings on my Blackberry.

    Any opinions are welcome.

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