Couple questions about the Hero and Skype Lite

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    Sep 19, 2009
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    So after getting bored staring at my 2g iPhone for 2 years I decided to go for the HTC Hero and see what Android was like.
    I do have a few questions tho to ask you guys about the Hero. I know I should have asked them before I ordered it but I never was very bright!

    My girlfriend is working in Denmark for a few months while im stuck home in England so we rely on Skype to talk each day. I have heard that Skype (lite?) on Android is a bit lacking. From what I gather I can use Skype on my Hero to call her Skype number and it will use the bundled minutes on my tariff (1200 a month) is that correct or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

    I liked being able to use wifi access on my iPhone to handle Skype-to-Skype calls but my iPhone had trouble getting a signal from the router. If I was upstairs I could forget it yet was having no issues at all getting the wifi signal on the laptop, xbox360 or ps3 in the same room. I have spoken with friends that have also said they get a shoddy wifi signal on the iPhone where other things were getting a signal fine so I was wondering if the Hero has this issue too? (I am aware that Skype lite wont allow calls using the wifi grrr!)

    The final question is that a friend mentioned seeing someone watching Sky Sports on a Hero in a T-Mobile store. Whats the deal there? I assume its only to Sky subscribers or T-Mobile customers?

    Thanks in Advance


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