does Samsung 10.1 Screen protectors work on Google Nexus??Tips

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  1. goldenlight

    goldenlight Member

    Don't need the lifetime warranty protectors. LIke something I can throw out when it gets scratches. :)

  2. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Well-Known Member

    Screen size and camera layout is very close (if not spot on) to the Note 10.1. You might have to do some minor (very minor) trimming.
  3. RX-78-2

    RX-78-2 Well-Known Member

    You could always leave the film that it comes with.
    I just carefully cut the extra plastic without lifting it and it was perfect.
  4. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Well-Known Member

  5. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Well-Known Member

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