Does the HTC EVO V 4G have an FM tuner?Support

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  1. skippy126

    skippy126 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I just tried to install the FM tuner apk on my Evo V and I got a message "Can't open file". Do you know why that is?

    EDIT: Nevermind, got it working!

  2. nexgenasian

    nexgenasian Well-Known Member

  3. jr2673

    jr2673 Well-Known Member

  4. Kamau

    Kamau Well-Known Member

    Does the HTC Radio app use data?
  5. bsoplinger

    bsoplinger Well-Known Member

    No it uses OTA. That is it picks up standard FM radio waves using the headphone cord as an antenna. Which is also why it won't run unless you have headphones plugged in.
  6. SFC_Ren

    SFC_Ren Member

    It's working awesome on my phone. I just emailed it to my gmail account on my phone, and installed it from there.
  7. theforcedroid

    theforcedroid New Member

    This worked perfectly. Justed sent the link to my phone installed the apk and boom FM radio. Don't forget to check the box to allow apps from outside google to be installed. Thank you 3matthew13.

  8. jps0369

    jps0369 Member

    You guys are genius. Just bought the phone & was upset couldn't find the radio. Thank you for this thread. NOw im a happy camper :D
  9. jps0369

    jps0369 Member

    Loving this phone & will keep it for a lil while. Only downside is battery life, slow booting, & the power button not sticking up out & sorta difficult to press when turning on. iTs kinda flat.
  10. Carpe Nocturnal

    Carpe Nocturnal Well-Known Member

    Turn on fast boot in the system settings. by far the fastest bootup from any phone I ever had, less than 20 seconds...I am getting an extended battery for that issue other than that best phone I ever had as well. Power button, ehhhh no issue

  11. bryoreo

    bryoreo New Member

    Thanks guys!!! I was hoping it would have one!!!
  12. beast_99

    beast_99 New Member

    do macs allow the download of the app? because I am having trouble with my mac
  13. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Yep, I do it often, no problem.
  14. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    They do but why don't you just download it straight to the phone?
  15. goo

    goo Member

    Thank you 3matthew13 for that app! I wasn't aware my VM Evo phone had an fm tuner, and I certainly wasn't expecting that app to work, but amazingly it does. I have no other radio other than what's in the car, so this is great for news and alerts and such. Thanks!
  16. gpxsrxracer

    gpxsrxracer New Member

    Works perfectly! Thanks! Im starting to LOVE this phone!
  17. TDOW

    TDOW Well-Known Member

    I just bought the phone ($129 at Radio Shack!). I have downloaded and installed the FM radio apk and it works beautifully!
  18. vTizzle

    vTizzle Active Member

    So many more things you can do with this phone. in 2 days I have rooted unlocked installed a new ROM. the capabilities of this phone seems endless
  19. anonymous420

    anonymous420 Well-Known Member

    does any one know how old is this htc radio APP ?? is there a new version ?? or is this the latest/only version ?? also if any one is having trouble just download ES FILE explorer or any other file explorer and you can install from there you can even transfer files from PC to phone threw wifi
  20. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    I haven't seen one and considering that it's mostly hardware specific I doubt they would take the time to update. Virgin promised to not load the phone with software so that's why it wasn't included, the mirror app from the 3d didn't make it either. :rolleyes:
  21. EazySteve

    EazySteve Well-Known Member

    I just tried downloading the file directly from the phone but it says can't open file. Do I need a prerequisite?
  22. anonymous420

    anonymous420 Well-Known Member

    did you use a app to download or you just got it directly of the web browser ?? idk if the phone has a built in download app but you usually need a app to download stuff directly to the phone and then you need another app to install like a installer and such what i usually do is download it to my PC and then transfer the APK to the phone and use a file explorer to install like i mention i used ES FILE EXPLORER that you can get of the playstore which is a file browser and also has many built in tools like app installer , you can transfer files from PC to phone threw wi-fi , it also has the option to have root permissions (that is if your rooted) once you mange to get the HTC radio APK to your phone by w.e way you choice simply open up the file browser go to where you saved it and click on it it should install also make sure you have the 'allow installation of non-market apps ' checked on under security on the settings
    edit: if you know your way around a computer and your a advanced user you dont even need to get it to your phone if you set up ES FILE EXPLORER to link to your PC threw wi-fi you can install what ever APK of your PC with out having to transfer it to your phone
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  23. TDOW

    TDOW Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have the apk for the mirror app?
  24. EazySteve

    EazySteve Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I got it to install with es file explorer. No computer needed at all.

    Another stupid question- since this has tuner hardware, can it work as a transmitter? Example, play Pandora on your phone and listen to it thru your car stereo by tuning it to an fm station?
  25. anonymous420

    anonymous420 Well-Known Member

    no such thing as a stupid question if you don't know something you ask so you can know the answer right .. but good question well lets see it requires to have earphones plug in in order for the radio to work because it uses the earphones as a antenna so you are require to have a aux cord/earphones connected in order for the radio to work now if you trying to stream pandora to your car stereo you will need to have the transmitter plug into your phone which uses a AUX cable and then set your car stereo into the transmitter station so yes i think it should work havent used a transmitter in years my car is all bluetooth now :) but from what i remember aint the transmitter only compatible with the ipod's ?? but if your transmitter has a AUX cable just plug it into the phone it should work and there is no need to use the radio tuner since the aux cable will play the music directly from pandora and then the transmitter will stream the music threw the car radio by setting to the correct station that is set to the transmitter so you only need your car radio in order for the transmitter to work no need for the radio on the phone .. so why would you need the radio tuner on the phone for ???

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