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Double Text Messages Showing as SentGeneral

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  1. screamer

    screamer Well-Known Member

    I have contacts on my gmail account & on my sim card.
    When I send a text through Handcent it shows that I have sent it twice
    I thought I fixed it with just selecting phone for my contacts but its still showing as 2 texts sent

    Anybody had this before?

    On O2, UK, never had this problem before when using my HTC's

  2. geemacd

    geemacd Well-Known Member

    There is another thread about this to do with gosms maybe a page or two down from this. It has the same problem, I'm on handcent and had the issue, contacted them and they sent me a beta and is now fixed but still have problem with privacy box.
    They are working on it and I'm guessing it will be out in next update
  3. screamer

    screamer Well-Known Member

    :D, cheers, i just read that thread a couple of minutes ago.

    hopefully Handcent will put out another update soon

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