Downside to purchasing through Wirefly?

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  1. jkinnison90

    jkinnison90 Member

    just ordered mine :D hopefully the bing cashback works.. is there anything that you have to do after you order to make sure?

  2. lowpost99

    lowpost99 New Member

    This is for Wirefly_Scott.

    I am on a Family Fair & Flexible 550 plan with 3 lines. Primary and secondary line are eligible for the $150 (handset upgrade) credit. I also have a 25% discount + a $10 credit for 24 months. My question is if I want to upgrade my family plan to a sprint premier account(no activation and upgrade fees) should I first call Sprint, change plans and then place my wire fly order once this is completed?
    Aren't my handsets still be eligible for the device upgrade and I just say that I already have a plan for the first phone, and then do the add a line thing for the 2nd device? ( I want to use the blue tooth promo code to get 2 headsets from 2 orders versus only 1 on the same order for 2).

    Can this be done in this manner or will upgrading my family plan via sprint somehow negate any of the deal that we've been discussing?
  3. phantom phenom

    phantom phenom Well-Known Member

    do the order have to be complete by 3 pm today for those who order evo next day shipping and delivery on monday ?
  4. chaofun

    chaofun Member

    I'm on the phone with Wirefly now. Pretty angry as they want to charge me $189.99 when I was shown $169.99 last night. They're saying that the promotion ended, and I needed to purchase in time to get that price. In addition, they are saying that it is more expensive to upgrade one line of a family line rather than just upgrading a single individual plan.

    They were saying I could have found out this price if I did some kind of complicated dance of ordering an upgrade to a family plan and choosing TWO phones to upgrade. And he said there was a way to make a DUMMY phone and change the order afterwards. THIS WAS NOT WHAT I WAS TOLD TO DO BY SARITA OR Wirefly_Scott.

    I am angry because there is no way for me to know that it would cost more as Wirefly_Scott alluded to this being the same price for upgrades and add-a-lines. And Sarita over the phone TOLD me to do my order online the way I did it.
  5. mattickus

    mattickus Member

    I had to pay the extra $20 after placing my order at the $169 price too when I had them fix up my family plan. With the Bing Cashback and no tax it still ends up being cheaper than anywhere else I've seen. They obviously need the $20 more than I do but it gives a bad impression.
  6. chaofun

    chaofun Member

    It does give a bad impression doesn't it?

    Wirefly Terry from slickdeals says they are trying to fix it. I hope they can give us the original price even though I already agreed to the $189.99 price. Forums - View Single Post - Sprint EVO 4G for $140 @ Wirefly after Bing Cashback
  7. Robert Michael

    Robert Michael New Member

    Wirefly is way fast. I ordered my EVO at 12:45 and I just got shipping notification at 2:03!

    That is awesomely quick service.

  8. maximus96

    maximus96 Well-Known Member

    i ordered mine about 4 hours ago. order status shows "credit approved". the chat agent told me that even if they don't ship till tomorrow, i will still receive them monday with the next business day shipping.
  9. Zeleran

    Zeleran Member

    Okay so.. I added the EVO to my cart last night when it was $169.99 and decided to sleep on it. This morning the EVO price was changed to $189.99, but the one that was in my cart is still there. If I checkout, which price will I be paying? Is there a way to make sure it's the $169.99, or have I missed out?
  10. maximus96

    maximus96 Well-Known Member

    UH-OH, when i placed my order for my two phones, i paid for the $19.99 next business day shipping, fully expecting the phones to ship out today and arrive to me on Monday as confirmed by wirefly in the earlier posts.

    when i checked my tracking number, fedex shows the shipping method as "2 Day Box" and won't get to me until Tuesday.

    My receipt confirms that I did pay for the next business day shipping. This is not cool. what can wirefly do to fix this error?
  11. chaofun

    chaofun Member

    Wirefly Amanda says they will honor the $169.99 for those who followed the instructions beforehand. Forums - View Single Post - Sprint EVO 4G for $140 @ Wirefly after Bing Cashback
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  12. mattickus

    mattickus Member

  13. Wirefly_Ari

    Wirefly_Ari Well-Known Member

    Zeleran, if the $169.99 price is still in your cart and the listed price in your line items at checkout, it should be the price you will pay. Unfortunately, though, the $169.99 price was offered for a limited time only, and if your order does show the higher price, that is the price you will be charged.

    maximus96, we've responded to your post on SlickDeals. Please PM Wirefly_Amanda with your order number and we'll get things fixed up for you.
  14. EVOFAN

    EVOFAN Member

    I upgradeded a single line in my family plan the way Sarita described to Chaofun (69.99 ED 450 plan upgrade), my ordered was shiped this afternoon. I still didn't change the plan back to a family plan upgrade. Is it too late to do it now and still keep the 169.99 price?
  15. chaofun

    chaofun Member

    If you've got a family plan already and did it the way I did it, you're going to eventually have to talk to them to get them to change it to upgrade one line of an existing family plan. When you got it shipped, did they charge you and extra $20, making it $189.99? Because that's what they did to everyone else that was in our situation. But if you got in at $169.99 Wirefly Amanda from slickdeals says they are going to honor that price.
  16. EVOFAN

    EVOFAN Member

  17. EVOFAN

    EVOFAN Member

    I have got mine at 169.99. but actually when i checked my sprint account..the only changes that i see is that they extended my contract for 2 years and added $10 per month for the 4G..however the actuall plan have not changed..So i don't know if i should even call wirefly at all?..or do you think they will make the changes once the phone is delived!!
  18. jdunnisher

    jdunnisher New Member

    Wirefly_Scott or Ari,

    Is there some sort of priority for how orders are processed at Wirefly? For example, does a brand new account with Sprint get processed before someone who is just adding a new line?

    I keep seeing all these posts from people in this thread that say their order was processed and shipped within 2-3 hours from the time it was placed. However, I ordered my phone just after midnight ET Thursday night as soon as it became available on the Wirefly site and my order status did not change to "Approved" until almost 19 hours later. This is despite the fact that I was pre-approved through Sprint for 5 lines, and had just ordered an additional line through Wirefly less than 3 weeks ago.

    As a result, I am now being told by your online chat that my phone won't ship out until Monday - despite being assured by a previous chat agent that my order would for sure ship out on Friday. Obviously, I'm not happy and feel like something should be done to expedite my order.

    Can someone on this thread from Wirefly please help me understand the process and why my order was passed over?
  19. Wirefly_Ari

    Wirefly_Ari Well-Known Member

    Hi jdunnisher, unfortunately once your order is placed, the processing timeline is largely out of our hands. Once placed, your order goes to Sprint for processing and approval. Often times Sprint has a quick turnaround, but other times -- for any number of reasons -- the process may take some time. If you'd like, please PM me your order number, and I will ask our customer service team to look into it more closely for you. Thanks for your purchase!
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  20. Wirefly_Ari

    Wirefly_Ari Well-Known Member

    The plan changes should be reflected in your Sprint account upon activation. And yes, we will honor the $169.99 price point for you as your order was placed when that offer was still live.
  21. mattickus

    mattickus Member

    I placed my order during the $169 time and was asked to authorize $189, how do I go about getting the $169 price I originally purchased the phone for? Is this automatic or do I need to contact Wirefly?

    PS My Bing Cashback just posted to my account.
  22. Wirefly_Ari

    Wirefly_Ari Well-Known Member

    mattickus, if you purchased during the $169 offer period and had complications with your family plan that extended your purchase past the $169 period, the charge will either change or we will credit your account $20. This should be done by our customer service team automatically, but if after a week or so your account does not reflect the change, please contact us. Thanks for your order, and glad to see your Bing Cashback has already posted.
  23. EVOFAN

    EVOFAN Member

    when I called yeaster day to change my plan they wanted to charge me 189.99 instead, so i asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that they were all busy and I should excpect a call back, which never happen. Later I found out they they shipped my now i don't know if my plan was changed or not?..any idea what I should do now?
  24. Wirefly_Ari

    Wirefly_Ari Well-Known Member

    EVOFAN, if your order was placed during the $169.99 period, this should be the price you are inevitably charged -- whether by original charge or a credit to your account. Please PM me with your order number and I will contact our customer service team to verify your order time and amount charged. Thanks.
  25. skidmarks

    skidmarks New Member

    Just found out I got screwed on shipping from Wirefly. I ordered it next day and the FedEx website last night said it would be delivered today. I checked again this morning and it had changed to June 8th. I contacted somebody through the chat and he said there was a technical issue and I would not get it until Tuesday. This is total bull crap. Anybody else have this issue?

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