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  1. Cheetah

    Cheetah New Member

    I'm loving the idea of the color coding of my non-gmail email accounts, however in the process of fixing some folder-related issues server side, I've had to remove and re-add some of the accounts a couple times, and now the colors it has selected for the accounts are rather ugly to my tastes.

    Has anyone found any trick for how to configure which colors are used for accounts, and maybe re-order them in the list (I'd like to have the email accounts I rarely use at the bottom for obvious reasons)?

  2. HappyDays

    HappyDays New Member

    Did you find a solution for this?
  3. Cheetah

    Cheetah New Member

    Sorry, no, never found a solution. Just living with the pink :/
  4. hexon

    hexon Well-Known Member

    Just readd and delete your previous email account and it will change to another color.
  5. dakover

    dakover New Member

    I would love to know this too. Just got my droid and want to change colors.
  6. ucanballmeup

    ucanballmeup New Member

    I had some free time on my hands and went through the colors for email accounts. Here is a list of colors in order. The first and the last may be out of order, but you get the picture.

    Dark Orange
    Dark Blue
    Sea Green
    Dark Yellow/Gold
    Red/Light Purple
    Red Orange
    Light brown
    Light Blue
    Yellow with brown tint (poo)
    Yellow Green

    In order to get to the color you want, you need to add and remove your account that many times. Hope this helps. I'm not a programmer, so this is the best I could do.
  7. LZeitgeist

    LZeitgeist Well-Known Member

    I just cycled through the colors available to me, and what I found wasn't nearly as extensive.

    Seafoam Green
    Dark Green
    Light Orange
    Purple-ish Blue
    Light Purple
    Olive Green
    Pink-ish Purple
    Seafoam Green (etc.)

    I'm disappointed. I was trying to key a couple of my accounts with high-visibility yellow and bright green. No such luck.

    I wonder if software updates dropped some of the colors? I swear I used to have one that had just happened to be yellow...

    BTW, I'm on an original Droid running Froyo.
  8. goldrush28

    goldrush28 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this thread. I finally found people more anal than I am-lol.
  9. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    Have you all seen K-9 mail in the market..? It lets you choose from a huge color palette to label your accounts with. It seems to work better than the stock e-mail app for me too.
  10. bob01000

    bob01000 Active Member

    You can change your K9 email accounts to any color code you like. Do the following: click K-9 mail icon to start it from home screen or application. NOW, Your Unified box, All message box, and all other email accounts(folders) should show up here.

    I have a couple Yahoo accounts listed.
    I picked the one that says (in my case): "" NOW press and hold the account folder icon until a menu appears. It will be THAT accounts options. Choose account settings, then choose display. You will now see and Account Color option that gives the entire rainbow of colors to make each mail account.

    You don't have to cycle them at all;)

  11. Displacedmic

    Displacedmic Active Member

    well - since we have revived this thread i would like to say that i too would prefer an option for changing colours in the stock mail app as i have started using that instead of K9 recently!

    the lack of conversation threading in K9 is what killed it for me and now that i have figured out how to set my gmail account up as an exchange account in the stock mail app and can enable push i can do away with having the gmail app (which is actually my favourite) AND another mail app running at the same time.
  12. TigerGirlDSM

    TigerGirlDSM Member

    I loved K9 - until they dropped support of Exchange 2010... I'm still looking for a really good mail client. I'm using the stock browser in the meantime.
  13. Tonus1

    Tonus1 New Member

    Found it !

    After looking for a while...

    Just the same as in K-9 !

    to change account color in MailDroid : just tap and hold your account in home app page and choose... change color :D

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