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Eris does not appear in OSXGeneral

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  1. cmonster

    cmonster Well-Known Member

    I've had my Eris for about 3 weeks now and I love it generally. But I have this one issue that is now driving me nuts. When I plug it into my Macbook running OSX 10.5.8 and mount the drive, it only appears on the desktop and in Iphoto. It does not appear in ANY Finder window or list. This has not been a problem yet because I've been at work where I have an external monitor in addition to the Macbook's monitor and I can see the Eris on the desktop. But this morning I am at home and have just the macbook. The only place I can see my Eris on the Macbook is in Iphoto which is not helpful to me because I want to move a Voice Recorder file onto the Hard Drive and add some music to the Eris. But I cannot because I can't get at it unless I am in Iphoto.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any suggestions?

    The drive is mounted. And I have tried plugging in, mounting and then unmounting, plugging back in and then mounting again. Nothing.

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Ramblin-Man

    Ramblin-Man New Member

    I don't think that the Eris is compatible with the OSX in terms of syncing music / files / photos. It may appear on your desktop as a disk drive, but that does not mean that you can edit and load files.

    Personally, I would recommend downloading DoubleTwist, a freeware program that lets you sync music, movies, and photos much like iTunes. This should allow you to transfer your voice recorder file. :)
  3. cmonster

    cmonster Well-Known Member

    When you can open the Droid Eris as a drive on Mac, you can drag any kind of file you want onto it. You don't need to have Itunes to do this and that is not my problem. In fact, the Eris works seamlessly with Iphoto.

    My problem is that I can not see the Eris on my desktop or in Finder. It is not in the left hand panel of the finder or on the right hand side when I choose Desktop on the left hand side. This last holds true even when I can see the droid on my desktop, which I cannot right now.

  4. Tofu_Booty

    Tofu_Booty Member

    Once I downloaded doubletwist onto my iMac. My eris showed up as a drive on my desktop. You should try it out
  5. bigwavesufer4

    bigwavesufer4 Member

    i use doubletwist for music and syncmate so that i can view my sd card and all my droid eris files on my finder. i would recommend both of them.
  6. cmonster

    cmonster Well-Known Member

    Do you need the expert version of syncmate to view eris files?
  7. bigwavesufer4

    bigwavesufer4 Member

    no, i don't have the expert version...the expert version will let u directly import files from just about anything onto your eris...i just use sync mate so that my finder will recognize my droid eris so i can put different files on it...you can also sync your g-mail and everything through the non-expert version too...but thats why i got double twist too...so for instance i imported my wallpapers onto my photo album through the finder in order to put wallpapers on my lock screen...and i synced my itunes on double twist so now i have practically everything that i need on my mac on my eris
  8. cmonster

    cmonster Well-Known Member

    well then it doesn't seem to be working for me still. I have syncmate and doubletwist installed. DT works fine, but I still can't see my Eris in finder.
    Any settings or anything need to be tweaked?
    any other ideas out there?

  9. bigwavesufer4

    bigwavesufer4 Member

    when u do it...your phone should have a notification bar and it should say htc sync...click on that then click mount...then it will show up on your finder
  10. cmonster

    cmonster Well-Known Member

    nope. I've been doing that to mount my drive. Does not work.
    As I said, I mount it and can see the phone in Iphoto and now in Doubletwist. It shows as connected in syncmate, but I can not see the drive anywhere.

    I suspect that the computer thinks it's on the desktop of the screen that is there when I have a second screen connected. But at home, I just have the one and since the Eris does not show up in the list on Finder, I can not access it, except through Doubletwist.
  11. I use a MacBook running 10.6.2. When I mount the Eris, it shows on the Desktop and the Finder as well. That's how I drag my songs/ringtones/notifications to the SD card. You must also unmount (eject) the Eris from the Desktop before unplugging.

    So, not sure what's going on with your situation, but it's not normal. :D
  12. Bulldog3777

    Bulldog3777 Member

    I am running Snow Leopard and when I click on the "No Name" symbol for the Eris it brings up Finder and shows it in Finder as "No Name" with all the files. Shows up in Iphoto also.
  13. cmonster

    cmonster Well-Known Member

    Yeah, when I can see it on the actual desktop,, I can click it and open a finder window. It's just not listed in the finder window. Really freaking frustrating.

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