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EVO no contract question

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  1. wearmaize

    wearmaize Member

    Hi everyone... this is my first post here :)

    I'm talking with someone to trade my iPad for their EVO. He uses the EVO with Sprint but has a second phone and no longer needs the EVO.
    I do not have Sprint service. Would I be able to use the EVO for music/wifi/android store without activating the phone with Sprint?

    Many thanks :)

  2. Absolutely. Just no texts and mobile internet, and phone calls through sprint. You can however make phone calls over wifi with some apps that are out ther.e
  3. wearmaize

    wearmaize Member

    Are you positive? I don't want to have it lying around and not be able to use it :p

    I'm thinking of using it with google voice for Texting and other social, non work related things at home. Like the iPad, but very portable. :)
  4. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Definitely use Google Voice for texting. I've been using it for years and it's really handy. Don't expect the texts to really get pushed through on the wifi though. You have to have the GV app open and even the screen on for you to get those without Sprint service.
  5. crewchief227

    crewchief227 Well-Known Member

    I was curious on why would you trade your iPad for the EVO. It seems you want to use the EVO as a really small tablet pc, so is it the size of the iPad that is making it not as portable as you would like as most people love it's size and I am sure that the iPad's battery would just kill the EVO for on the go. Or are their other reasons like the EVO having the ability to use SD cards that makes it more attractive to you?
  6. yes I am. You can do anything with wifi, since that doesnt require service form sprint.
  7. Wifi-Naught Odin

    Wifi-Naught Odin Well-Known Member

    so basically... you want to be a wifi-naught :cool:

    I have a no-contract evo. I use wifi for everything. Let me answer your questions...

    The evo smokes the pad in every way. In fact I first discovered the evo back in June while ipad shopping. I litterally happened upon a sprint store after playing with an ipad at the apple store. I was immediately taken aback by the evo's speed over the pad.

    I thought the ipad was fast until I tried the evo. Bought the no-contract evo that day.

    Let me list some other advantages of the evo over the pad...

    1) it has a camera. (well two actually)
    2) GPS
    3) compass
    4) free turn by turn navigation, driving down the road, using google nav.
    5) did i mention it has a camera?
    6) shoots video too! 720p
    7) the evo has a very nice camera! 8mega pixel
    8) crowds gather around my evo at parties and such because they can't believe how awesome the pictures turn out for a phone!

    Here are some more things u can do with a no-contract evo...

    send free sms text msgs to actual phones over wif using goole voice.
    check voicemail over wifi.
    make voip calls over wifi using the nimbuzz app
    free video chat over wifi using fring, or qik, and i think skype supports it now too, though i haven't tried.

    just look at it like having a laptop in your pocket. (a laptop with a camera, microphone, gps, compass and a touchscreen.)

    the evo's a powerfull little instrument. i strongly advise you to make that trade. I would gladly upgrade to an evo from any other wifi-device.
  8. PoundSand

    PoundSand Well-Known Member

    unless he's giving you cash along with his evo, just sell your ipad and buy a used evo and you'll come out ahead.
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  9. ninety9

    ninety9 Member

    Just wait for the Galaxy S tablets and trade your ipad for one of those, they are going to be a lot better.

    SMARTPHONEPC Well-Known Member

    I'm having this debate right now, how much better do you think the Galaxy Tab will be than the EVO in terms of overall versatility-utility-pocketability?

    Carrypad - I will be checking out the videos-reviews there among others but the Galaxy Tab will likely be significantly more expensive, 3G not 4G capable if you decide to activate-only VOIP capable with USA Galaxy Tabs, not sure how good the camcorder vs EVO's questionable output but I imagine the EVO will be far more pocketable. I'm considering the Tab mainly because it should prove a nicer web-video experience but not sure if I want to sacrifice the pocketability (& Tab is only VOIP capable in US models).

    Please weigh in on this debate, -Thanks:cool:
  11. Shawnz

    Shawnz Well-Known Member

    If that Galaxy Tab isn't ungodly expensive in the wifi flavor I'm sooooo getting one.l
  12. ExSaint

    ExSaint Well-Known Member

    If your not looking for a contract I do know the Evo works with Cricket wireless, they have a pretty reasonable data package with no contract, did i mention no contract?
    Of corse your phone has to be rooted i assume for this to take place.
  13. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Well-Known Member

    Over wifi :confused:
  14. Wifi-Naught Odin

    Wifi-Naught Odin Well-Known Member

    No. The turn by turn nav works over gps using the google nav app. The trip has to be plotted at a hotspot, (like starbucks, the office, my house, etc...) with wifi and gps enabled on your phone, then you begin your trip.

    Works like this... connect to any wifi hotspot, tap google nav and speak your destination (gps already knows where you are). Then google nav begins to speak... "Proceed west down blank for blank feet, miles, ect...)

    Google nav stores the route, maps, directions in your phone's memory for the entire duration of the trip no matter how far, even if you detour, get lost, or stop elsewhere.

    Sometimes, even a half hour into your trip, it may say "signal lost" or something, no biggie, the gps has never failed to find you again and then re-plot the trip from the new position.

    It's very, very handy indeed, and actually pretty amazing!

    You can even go into your contacts, tap a contact, tap their address and tap get directions.

    Do that on your iPon! :cool:
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  15. nobdoor

    nobdoor Active Member

    I need a service like this - however I don't want to be restricted to calling only people who are 'online'. I'd like to be able to call a friend's cell phone (internationally) through VOIP for free, but it doesn't look like this service exists.

    I guess somewhere along the line, a service like that would need to be subsidized in order to get on the cell phone carrier's network. :\

    SMARTPHONEPC Well-Known Member

    I wondered the same question when I read your initial post, thanks for explaining that. So you don't find yourself ever missing its potential 3G-4G service because of pervasive enough Wi-Fi & its GPS?

    I was told by a Sprint CSR that the $200 ETF would still apply for any new service even if you acquired an EVO unsubsidized off contract which seems particularly punishing..

    Do you have any thoughts on EVO vs. the Samsung Tab that is supposed become available on all carriers?
  17. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Well-Known Member

    That is the part I didn't know. I sort of figured it downloaded maps as it went. I like it.
  18. wiltok

    wiltok Member

    I have an IPad and an EVO. When I first got my evo, my Ipad was pretty much left behind. Overtime, I discovered that despite the EVO's relatively large screen (relative to other phones), I still missed the larger Ipad screen for web surfing, and I had a bunch of good news apps (ABC, NPR, etc) that I also missed. So now I carry both my Ipad and EVO to work everyday. And use mainly my EVO on the weekends when i am out and about. I have an unlimited data plan for my IPAD - so that makes it pretty easy for me to use it pretty much anywhere. Just my 2cts - you might miss the IPAD... I actually might buy the Galaxy tab and get rid of my ipad - since a little smaller tablet would be nice.

    p.s. I find my Ipad and EVO to have comparable speeds when using wi-fi btw. The IPAd is pretty quick IMO.
  19. Wifi-Naught Odin

    Wifi-Naught Odin Well-Known Member

    actually this service exists. there are two ways to do it with nimbuzz: the free way, and the pre-paid way.

    here's how my compadres and I do it free of charge...

    it requires two free apps and any kind of wireless data, 3g, 4g (or in my case) wifi.

    you install nimbuzz and google voice. if the person you want to speak with has nimbuzz, you fire up your nimbuzz app then send an sms text (because the telcoms' "simple message service" never sleeps) to their phone with gv that says "call me" (or in this case) "cmn" = call me on nimbuzz. then they fire up their nimbuzz client and call you and nimbuzz makes your phone ring EXACTLY like a phone call.

    might sound complex but how fast can you text somebody with "cmn" then wait for your phone to ring?

    The paid way is with nimbuzz's built in "buzz-out" minutes. You keep your account loaded with minutes, then literally call the other party's phone.

    If it's just a regular phone, then you just talk using your minutes. If it's a device that supports nimbuzz, the when they answer you say "call me back on nimbuzz", then talk free of charge.:D
  20. Wifi-Naught Odin

    Wifi-Naught Odin Well-Known Member

    Yes I do indeed wish I had 3G or 4G. But I'm only interested in data alone (i don't need voice cuz I already have a free phone number, voicemail, etc... and a voip client). I'm waiting for a flexible, 'pay as you go' data-only plan. Lately I've been scoping the evo on boost mobile network glitch.

    Then I can prepay data for the day $2 or for the month for busier periods when I don't want to leap-frog from hot-spot to hot-spot.

    The good news is that the ipad has triggered a data-only market. And presently there's a price war going on. I think time's on my side as far as those options opening up.

    Right now I have no intention of contracting sprint. They are a top dollar premium provider, and it's acutely clear they would nail me for an additional $10 per month on any plan JUST BECAUSE THE PHONE'S AN EVO :mad:

    even if there's no 4g in your area.

    I envy you guys and your 4g :(

    As far as pervasive enough Wi-Fi goes, i got two words for ya... starbucks and mcdonalds ;)

    Every starbucks and Mickey'd's offers free wifi (just to name two very pervasive hot spots) There are many, many more but with those two chains alone I could find data in Timbuktu!

    And with the Evo's GREAT wifi chip, I can get data without even getting out of the car (though parking's highly advisable).

    I can make calls or get driving directions from the parking lot of many businesses, and since I'm on a phone (and not a laptop with some aluminum foil and an empty pringles can), there's really no cause for anybody to have a problem with it.

    oh and for gps... all I need is some sky! :cool:
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    SMARTPHONEPC Well-Known Member

    What VOIP apps do you use, only Nimbuzz, Fring, Skype, Google Voice & do you ever call landlines?

    Really you find EVO's Wi-Fi chip great as there are many Wi-Fi complaints? :eek:

    I would love to see all carriers offer no contract plans, month to month & data-only in the mix as well.

    Since you considered the iPad, do you have any thoughts on EVO vs. the Samsung Tabs? :cool:
  22. Wifi-Naught Odin

    Wifi-Naught Odin Well-Known Member

    That question made me come to a disgusting realization of a situation that I actually set out to avoid but ended up in anyway... I actually depend on all 4!!!

    Free, universal, social network to social network text chat.
    Nimbuzz is more than a free voip it's the ultimate social networking on-the-go app. My friends call it my cyber-stalking app because if your my friend on either: AIM, MSN, FB, yahoo, Gmail, Google Talk, msn, xbox live, myspace or (til nov 1st... skype) and others i don't use.
    I can always see what you're up to and at the very least, start a text chat with u.

    So, you're trying to disappear from the radar and not answer you're phones, appearing offline on fb and xbox live :cool:... then oops, u sign into your gmail, "bling" there you are on my nimbuzz friend's list :eek: appearing as 'online in google talk' (cuz it's tied to gmail) :D

    for voice chat, i only use nimbuzz to call friends that also have the numbuzz app. (which is FAR fewer than friends with skype)

    Cheap phone to phone voice calls.
    Presently I only use fring to call lan-lines, cells, telephone calls to unlisted phones only. (Though fring will probably be my only phone caller after goog411's discontinued in abouit 2 weeks.)

    Why fring? cuz of the rates... .01 minute. (-vs- skype .012 and nimbuzz .02 cents a minute)
    Fring's an ugly app and loads sloooow. Has the graphics design and layout of a concept scratched out on a wet cocktail napkin with a broken crayon. But for unlisted U.S. calls over wifi, 1 cent per minutes the cheapest

    Free software to software voice calls.
    out of all the voip apps, more of your friends are already onboard with it and have skype accounts than any other service. I can only speak for android and the evo, but skype seems to connect quick, and has the best voip call quality.

    I also use skpye to make totally free phone calls to any listed U.S. number using 1-800-GOOG-411. (however, google's discontinuing goog 411 on Nov 11 :( probably because of this and the rampant t-mobile fav five exploitations.)

    Google voice
    Free phone to phone sms texts and voice mail.
    Google voice on the android is NOT a voip. The service itself is best-described as a call-switchboard / answering, voicemail and sms texting service. And the android app is nothing more than a sms texting and voicemail interface.

    I use google voice for:
    A) a free phone number
    B) my voice mail
    C) sms texting

    I'd kill for the 'Holy Grail', the single app that can do all of the above but alas... no such thing exists.

    I have know idea how the evo's actual "chip" stacks up specification-wise against the competition. I only know how it stacks up with every other wifi device I've encountered in the real world and all I can say is that it's connection-times and web speed are FAST (in fact, the fastest handheld web speeds I've ever seen in the real world.) And... it's range is as far as my farthest reaching wifi computers!

    All clocking aside, my evo can load the same HQ clip off youtube on the same wifi network as whatever device or computer you got and you know what? The evo's video's buffered and playing first without any lag. Even against 108 mbps Super G connected devices.

    So unless somebody provides definitive proof youtube's favoring android and throttling back windows, ios, etc...

    I'm rating the evo's wifi speed as:
    The Best I've Encountered. BEYOND SUFFICIENT

    Wifi Range: I can see and connect to, as many distant surrounding wifi networks on my evo as I can with my farthest reaching wifi laptop. Some of these networks I know are at least 40 yards away. Considering I've never seen anybody else reporting these ranges (in the real world)...

    I'm rating the evo's wifi range as:
    The Best I've Encountered. BEYOND SUFFICIENT

    This is going to happen as the big carriers are quickly looking for a new revenue models to roll with the punches of an ever growing free-voice alternative market (voip, skype, most recently facebook, etc...)

    Not sure if I'd even have a use for a tablet now that I've got the evo. Especially because more than the things I do on the go that can wait-til-i'm- home (email, news, etc...) the camera and gps are indispensable to me now. I can tell you this, I'd probably never leave the house with a tablet. Sometimes I don't even bring the evo if it's too big for what I'm wearing. I think I like the samsung tabs over the ipod though cuz of android and flash.

    Sounds like you want to be a wifi-naught. I'd say go for it, but keep in mind the services and features you'll depend on and the form-factor and not so much the sex-appeal or the status quo.
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    SMARTPHONEPC Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the details & insight, I use VOIP on my notebook (google voice in gmail & Skype) & appreciate the EVO because it's more like a mini-tablet than just a smartphone but web browsing on the Samsung Tab seems far more enjoyable:


    I hope to see an EVO vs Samsung Tab video soon & will check out the Tab when it's launched to see if I really can see myself using it mobile.

    The Galaxy tab also has GPS, 2 cameras but does not shoot 720p video which is a bummer (but can play 1080p video) yet the web browsing which I would use more than VOIP seems superior. Do you really browse on the EVO for extended periods & enjoy it?
  24. Wifi-Naught Odin

    Wifi-Naught Odin Well-Known Member

    You never know, with an update maybe that vid camera will shoot 720p in the future and playing 1080p video will be sweet, but be warned, some 1080p vids can crush even a quad core desktop. Their playback's a huge resource drain. It'll be nice when some publisher finally decides to offer a legit 1080p movie marketplace (like amazon, sony, apple) where the files become standardized. I know I'd be willing to pay $10 to $20 each for reliable downloadable blu-rays that DON'T have 20 minutes of menus and garbage in front of them.

    Blu rays are gorgeous, but the junk in front of the movie is INSANE!

    Not like when I first got it. Whenever I've got the time to surf, like now, the pc at the desk just seem more effective.

    Are you somebody that already has an evo but thinking about a tab to go with it? I'd prob say galaxy.

    Or are you trying to decide between a tablet or an evo? I'd go with the evo. It'll fit in your pocket.
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    SMARTPHONEPC Well-Known Member

    It would ne nice if the Samsung Tab would shoot 720p..

    Since I would web browse more than use the phone was thinking about the Tab instead of the EVO but I may end getting both depending on the following:

    1) Nexus2 on November 8th?
    2) Trying Samsung Tab when released Nov 10-15..
    3) EVO clone Incredible HD coming to Verizon on Nov 23-improved camcorder?
    4) Samsung Beam with 2.2 in US?

    I played with the EVO on launch day, wasn't sold on it with 2.1 but I am with 2.2, really like its form factor, just browsing is not as comfortable as a tablet or notebook obviously.

    I actually got the HTC built Dell Axim X51v over 5 years ago & liked it, put Skype on when it became available but wondered when they would merge phones with good cameras with Pocket PCs for a better convergence device. I was gifted an iPhone 3GS but prefer Android. I would really love to have a projector in my handset like the Samsung Beam with 2.2+. I don't want to wait further but it seems like a lot of developments are happening in November.

    If the EVO was available with 3G/4G service without having to sign a 24 month contract it would have been an easier sale for me hence my interest in your experience with it off contract..:cool:

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