Facebook Contacts NOT syncing...Tips

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  1. Hey,

    All of a sudden the Facebook sync on my phone has stopped working any suggestions in how I can get it to work again...

    Thank you :)

  2. ljprevo

    ljprevo New Member

    Having the same exact problem. I think it quit when the last facebook app update came out.
  3. emmzone22

    emmzone22 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem, and was able to fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook. It has worked fine ever since.

    JOSHSKORN New Member

    I just found this thread. Thanks for this. In my case, Facebook Contact syncing was working, then I realized that I had two Facebook listings in My Accounts and I deleted one, which apparently was Facebook Contact Sync. Oops!
  5. CptSternn

    CptSternn New Member

    Apparently it is not an issue with Facebook or Google - Google did not like the changes to Facebooks privacy policies so they have removed support for syncing between the two in the new versions of Android. You can download a couple apps though that will do it for you, but the native support for syncing for Facebook has been removed from the Android OS completely.

    You can download HaxSync or Friendcaster to fix the issue.
  6. KurianOfBorg

    KurianOfBorg Member

    No, AFAIK Google had a custom interface just for Facebook but they scrapped it and wanted Facebook to integrate into the contacts like everyone else. The Facebook app's native integration is currently broken on CM and some other ROMs but it works on many official ROMs.
  7. cmv

    cmv New Member

    Please a step by step way to get back my fb contacts

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