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FB contacts not syncronising & sum apps n games do not installSupport

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  1. rockybalboa

    rockybalboa New Member

    Hello everybody !!!

    I recently bought new A57. I'm happy with its functions at this price but there are some issues regarding contact syncronising & installing apps.

    I was earlier using samsung wave 533 in which my FB contacts were automatically syncronised when i logged in & i was able to see all the informations in contacts. But in A57, its showing that my syncronise is on & i'm logged in but no contact is visible :(

    Another problem is about installing apps. I can install very basic games & apps on my A57 but whenever i try to install a little big games such as temple run, angry birds, fruit ninja or apps like MX player etc... it says insufficient storage / package file is invalid.... the apps are fully downloaded but it says this while installing it.

    Please help me :(

  2. kworld1

    kworld1 New Member

    if the app is above 15mb you can forget it.... due to the internal memory and ram limitation....
    one thing you can do is try "swapper2" and create a swap file on your sd card.... but its not worth it... i did install temple run but gameplay lags... and is almost unplayable.....
  3. rockybalboa

    rockybalboa New Member

    But what about contacts syncronisation...... !!!!!!
  4. akhilsnaik

    akhilsnaik Member

    dude Fb contacts cannot be synconised cause their Privacy policy changed (facebook) . I have same phone and I heard this News from google. :)
  5. pratim

    pratim New Member

    I'm a new user of Micromax A57 phone and its not installing apps.
    How to move apps to sdcard in it ??:confused:

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