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  1. Rizzodun

    Rizzodun New Member

    I've spent the last couple of days trying to fix the following problem, and finally stumbled upon a solution by chance looking through the forums for other phone models, posting it here in case anyone has a similar issue.

    I got a my One V a month ago, all worked perfectly until, without any reason, the 3g connection stopped working.

    I could connect to the network, but could not send or receive data.

    I tried resetting the APN, and even entering APN details manually but did not solve the issue and ended up doing a full reset on the phone.

    Last week the issue cropped up again, not wanting to do a full reset again I found this workaround is effective.

    1. Turn Airplane mode on
    2. Shut down & restart phone
    3. When phone is restarted, take phone out of airplane mode, connection should work after a minute or two.

    Not the most ideal of fixes but hope this helps anyone with a similar issue, could not find anything about this problem on HTC's website.

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    I love it when a new member signs up just to post something helpful. Thanks and welcome to Android Forums :hello:
  3. TakeOver79

    TakeOver79 New Member

    I was having the same problem, this fixed it for me aswell!
  4. hughesmd74

    hughesmd74 New Member

    Hi thanks for the sugestion. I had this issue spoke, to HTC in the UK for 1 hour and after resetting the phone back to original settings (wiping out al my apps etc.) was asked to ship phone for repair. I have now been told that they are waiting on a part to fix this and that they do not know when it will arrive to fix this issue. They alkso said this was not a common fault but they've run out of parts and have lots of phones delayed in repair!
  5. Rizzodun

    Rizzodun New Member


    Interested to find out if the repair fixed the problem? Always makes me question a product when the company who developed it cant seem understand the issue.
  6. sam0056

    sam0056 Member

    Ive known about this 3g fix for a while you dont really need to restart the phone just turn on airplane mode for a few seconds and then turn it off and the data will re establish itself.
  7. jaman29

    jaman29 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I have been doing this as well. The airplane mode trick works great.
  8. andreq85

    andreq85 Member

    I'm having a similar problem with mine.

    Every day I do a charge cycle and unplug my phone, later that day, the data will randomly stop working.

    I've tried airplane mode for a few second, minutes... nothing.

    The only solution to get my data back online is rebooting the phone (which is a pita when you're in the middle of a Google talk conversation)

    Any of you found a permanent solution?

    I was thinking about unlocking the phone and flashing Jelly Bean, but I'm not sure if that's going to fix the problem.

    I might go back to Koodo and ask for a repair. I bough it in June.
  9. andreq85

    andreq85 Member

    I finally went to Koodo for a repair. I got my phone back (took only a week!).

    HTC replaced the whole main board, all I kept was my phone body and screen.

    As of now, the phone seem to be problem free. I've been running it on Thursday 11pm charge and no problem with 3G. I'm now charging it again (was @ 12%) and see if the problem occur tomorrow.
  10. rizwanvakhar

    rizwanvakhar New Member

    Hi. I had the same issue with GPRS/3G disconnecting often. Used 3g connection fix free from Play Store and it fixed my connection issue. :rock:
  11. DotBrooklyn

    DotBrooklyn New Member

    Same issue is caused by wrong Internet set-up. Try - settings> Mobile Data> Access Point Names> select "Internet".

    This took care of my 3G problem.

  12. gwords

    gwords New Member

    i tried the airplane mode thing and it did not work..and i cant get the fix it app from play store because i have no internet...any more suggestions
  13. russellvone

    russellvone Well-Known Member

    use a friends commuter with internet connection and log into your account and suspend it as if you've lost your phone wait 30 minutes then use your friends phone to call your service provider and tell then you have found it and turn your service back on
  14. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    just my two cents but i do not think this is a device issue. virgin mobile constantly does this in my area. if you use pdanet+ on pc with the device you can tell they are resetting the connection. in my opinion its a method of eating up your alloted data so they can quickly throttle your connection speeds. it happens to me mainly with downloads. they arent stupid. they know you are trying to download something,they simply reset the connection and make you have to attempt it again..then your data gets eaten up.
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