Forward text message to an email address?

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  1. DWilliams

    DWilliams Member

    I just want to simply forward a text message to an email address (preferably using my default gmail account). How can I do this? I've tried with both the default messaging app and handcent. Both have a forward feature, but it only works to forward to another phone #. I found a few apps that claim to automatically forward incoming texts to an email but that isn't what I want either.

  2. ccluvsau

    ccluvsau New Member

    Download "SMS Backup" from the Market.

    Auto sends SMS to your GMAIL account to a separate SMS folder, and not your gmail inbox which is even better.

    Now I can delete texts freely from the phone.
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  3. DWilliams

    DWilliams Member

    Yeah but I'm not wanting to forward all my messages, and I don't even want it going to my own email. I just want to be able to select a single text I receive and send the contents of that text as an email to someone else.
  4. ccluvsau

    ccluvsau New Member

    At this point, that's the best option unless someone finds another way.

    You can forward a single text once it's to your gmail account.
  5. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy VIP Member

    On my phone (Devour), I just select forward then manually type in my email address and it forwarded the message to it.
  6. mmiller2002

    mmiller2002 Well-Known Member

    If I recall, my phone won't let me type in alpha characters for a text message address. I have a new HTC Aria. My simple old non-smartphone could text to email addresses :-/

    Related question: I tried sending a message to my new phone ( from my email account. It failed. i tried several times. Is there some hitch with android or ATT? Again, my simple old non-smartphone worked fine with this.

    Thanks for any help
  7. roblee37

    roblee37 Member

    works fine for me on my HTC Evo.. as jradicle11 stated, just hit forward and i start to type my gmail address and then it starts to auto populate and send.. no problem..
  8. mmiller2002

    mmiller2002 Well-Known Member

  9. MeliCan2

    MeliCan2 Member

    I want to know how to turn this off! I didn't use an app. I must have clicked on something or an app hijacked my texts and started forwarding them to my email account all on its own! I have contacted Samsung and my mobile carrier. No one knows or has ever heard of this. If anyone knows what the hell I clicked on in my settings please tell me what to do or I have to do a factory reset!

    Galaxy S 4G
  10. TREV21

    TREV21 Well-Known Member

    I want to forward an entire thread not just one text....any clues here?
  11. ceo4techass

    ceo4techass New Member

    I'm having the exact same problem! It's so annoying! Every text message that comes is getting forwarded to my email and no one seems to know how to stop it! I have a Galaxy Note on ATT.
  12. ceo4techass

    ceo4techass New Member

    I had this problem on my Galaxy Note as well. It turns out that the setting is in your email program, you're probably hooked to an Exchange server and under those account settings, under server settings is SMS sync. Turn that off. Good luck!
  13. kerrykam

    kerrykam New Member

    You can download "Send a Quick Handwritten Note". It can help you to send your text message to a predefined email address.
  14. wbarnes

    wbarnes New Member

    I wanted to send a single text message to my email so I could use copy and paste on my computer. I finally found it and it may help here.

    When you have the text message on the screen, touch it and hold your finger in place, you will get a menu with lots of options such as delete, copy text, lock message, but at the bottom is Forward. Woohoo. :D
  15. narikah

    narikah New Member

    What Droid do you have? ... and it enabled you to type in alphabetic characters??
  16. adowner

    adowner New Member

    I want to know if there is an app I can download that will automatically send all messages (incoming and outgoing) to my email. I don't want to have to do it manually. I want it to automatically send them as I receive/send them! Any ideas???
  17. bburzzycki

    bburzzycki Member

    Do any of these listed solutions forward the entire thread?
    So does not seem to on the Galaxy Nexus... only the specific single text message..
  18. exbrookly

    exbrookly New Member

    Try TextBusy app. Seems to be working well so far. You can set it to automatically forward incoming andoutgoing texts.
  19. skingy1

    skingy1 New Member

    DWilliams - Did you ever find out how to send 'a' text message to email?
  20. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Do you need the headers? If not, why can't you copy/paste?
    Handcent has a "copy message text"

    I use it since TMO verifies bill pays by text. Forward it by email and save it on a different computer.
  21. divinebovine

    divinebovine Well-Known Member Contributor


    My default texting app has it too.

    Also, when I choose "Forward" I can type whatever I numbers, email address, whatever. I can also select an email from my contacts list. When a SMS/MMS message goes to email it goes through an email gateway. You can also email to a SMS/MMS gateway, and I use that all the time to drop small notes on my phone from wherever I am.

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