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Foxfi on Samsung Droid charge(verizon)General

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  1. awd

    awd Well-Known Member

    Anyone Use Foxfi to tether(hot spot) on Droid charge? How's the performance? Also, do you get into trouble if verizon using Foxfi as hotspot (and not paying verizon monthly fee for tethering?)

  2. awd

    awd Well-Known Member

    It works!!!!! Yes!
  3. graybeardnc

    graybeardnc Active Member

    It works great, just be sure you're also tethered to a charger, cause it sucks battery!
  4. macher50267

    macher50267 Member

    A friend of mine is giving me a Charge. Will it work with foxfi?
  5. gohalos26

    gohalos26 New Member

    i paid for the full version, and it's hit or miss. Doesn't always detect your devices. It's a small fee to pay even it works once or twice.
  6. Jamghes

    Jamghes New Member

    cause it sucks battery! [​IMG]

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