Froyo 2.2 update for unlocked HTC Wildfire

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  1. SaulicusWaulicus

    SaulicusWaulicus New Member

    Hi there,

    I have recently bought an unlocked and unbranded HTC Wildfire in Australia. I want to know, is it possible for me to get the Froyo update, and if so how?

    Thanks in advance. :)

  2. SaulicusWaulicus

    SaulicusWaulicus New Member

    Anybody have an answer for me? It would be much appreciated...
  3. venkidwaraka

    venkidwaraka Member

    According to the update given in the internet and the HTC official website, it can be known that the Froyo update is only available now for UK.
    The update has not been released for any other country till now.

    We hope that we will soon get the update. The problem is that HTC doesn't announce any dates for the update or publish about a new update arrived so that nobody knows about any of these.:mad:
  4. b.Theo95

    b.Theo95 Member

    I've sent an email to HTC and they have sent me an replay:

  5. fauxtronic

    fauxtronic Active Member

    As a UK user of a sim-free HTC Wildfire since August, I can tell you that Froyo has never been made available to me, nor is it available for download from HTC's UK website (which I am looking at right now).

    The only country with Froyo available for its HTC Wildfire handsets is China. News of that back in July triggered speculation that Wildfires in other countries would be getting Froyo soon. HTC then confirmed (August) that it would arrive Q4 2010. So we could be waiting until December. *sigh*
  6. doron_angel

    doron_angel New Member


    Does any one have any information as for FROYO for the Wildfire release date?

  7. julcsi20

    julcsi20 Member

  8. ryanraven

    ryanraven Well-Known Member

    Confirmed HTC will be releasing Froyo for wildfire and they expect it out before the year is up.
    No specific date will be given. ( like when has anyone given a date and stuck by it )
  9. Lagro

    Lagro Member

  10. mastermindchn

    mastermindchn New Member

    Got a push msg from HTC,saying Froyo update for wildfire is available.Got it downloaded and upgraded.Now my HTC wildfire is froyo powered!!!!!

    Out of a overnight research,I could find the wireless hotspot working amazingly with server controls,app instalation on SD card is now possible,and increased voice capabilities...I expected some changes in the UI,but dint satisfy me in that regard.
  11. haubarg

    haubarg New Member

    I bought a HTC wildfire because I liked the size. My service provider doesn't carry this phone. I had it unlocked and now it doesn't work correctly. I have to keep pushing the top button several time to use it. Where or how can I get the operating system fixed?
    D Evertz
  12. 304tamil

    304tamil New Member

    hi i am bought a new htc wild fire mobile in india before 2 months
    i can't update to froyo please some one help me to update please reply to my mail
  13. jeremyrss

    jeremyrss Member

    I contacted htc twice regarding the availability of an update for froyo but their reponse always states that currently they cannot confirm when the update is going to be launched but soon there will be an update available to user's who use wildfire which will be announced through their official website. This really annoys me too. :mad:

    I beared their responses twice and still using my phone without an update. But the unavailability of an update for htc wildfire seems really strange. They already managed an update for desire and legend then why the update for htc wildfire is being delayed while in asian countries these phones are bieng sold with froyo os loaded.

    When i bought this phone they strongly assured me of an update for this phone however still i haven't recieved one yet. Are they trying to fool their loyal customers. I really doubt.:(

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