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  1. phonefiend

    phonefiend Well-Known Member

    I moved over from a BlackBerry and had the Verizon tech transfer my phone contacts from my BlackBerry to my Samsung Fascinate. However, he also had me link my phone to my gmail account at the time and set it up so my contacts synchronized with my gmail account. Now I have my BlackBerry contacts mixed in with some garbage contacts from my gmail account. I realize I can choose not to display gmail contacts, but is there any easy way to remove them?

  2. Login to gmail on the computer, its easier to organize and remove contacts from there.
  3. X10iUser

    X10iUser Well-Known Member

  4. phonefiend

    phonefiend Well-Known Member

    There's quite a few so I was hoping not to have to remove them manually. Also, everytime I email someone in gmail it adds them to my contacts so I will keep getting unwanted contacts on my phone. I guess I'm not a fan of this whole syncing with the cloud.
  5. Theres an option to turn that off, I cant think off hand where it is though.

    you dont have to sync with the cloud if you dont want to. Its just MUCH easier to backup/organize your contacts
  6. phonefiend

    phonefiend Well-Known Member

    I actually already turned off that option. The odd thing is none of the contacts from my phone made it to gmail but all of my gmail contacts made it to my phone. I thought if my gmail contacts were downloaded to my phone my phone would also sync with gmail.
  7. They need to be Gmail Contracts. If they are Phone Contacts, they wont sync back to the cloud.
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  8. phonefiend

    phonefiend Well-Known Member

    Ok, I think I am finally getting this whole gmail/phone contacts thing. Thanks.
  9. Yep, its the same thing for calendar entries too. If you add a new event to your Phone Calendar, it wont sync with gmail. But if you add it to your Google Calendar, it will show up on the phone and it will sync with gmail.

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