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Gingervillian 3.1 ROM by LionGeneral

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  1. Empath

    Empath Well-Known Member

    Lion’s Gingervillain 3.1 (RELEASED 10/5/11) xperiax10pride


    • Any working ROM with xRecovery
    • Flashtool
    • FTF bundle posted below
    • THE Last two steps are only if you are not on a gingerbread rom already with baseband 71
    • Pre-rooted (Superuser files pre-installed, busybox pre-installed!)
    • Recovery 0.3 (fully working)
    • FPS Uncap Hack
    • DSP Manager
    • Ram Tweaks
    • My Network and battery tweaks
    • Zhidzhus fix for 998 mhz. (Saves battery)
    • Performance increase is magnificent and rom is smooth
    • SD card tweak (set at 2048 by default) you can change this value by downloading sd booster from the market and entering your own custom value.
    • Native Ad blocking
    • Green Icons
    • Only 72 mb
    • MY third rom and MY INITIAN to being an official developer.
    • Pretty good for gaming. (Not as good as Lion

  2. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    Wow...I've been loyal to Wolfbreak since v3, am now on v6, but this one is tempting. Nice work man!
  3. mrstreet

    mrstreet New Member

    Hi my friend, one little question: Does this rom accepts Bravia and Loud patch to increase Sounds, Photo and video performance? and if it does, do you know the links for this version? or any version could work with it? thanks for your time.
  4. Empath

    Empath Well-Known Member

    I liked the theme...but I still prefer WB

    @mrstreet I dont know but you can ask the developer on his site..the link is on the bottom
  5. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    I've never tried any other rom besides WB. But it's been so great for me I don't really see a reason to do so. I like everything about it.

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