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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by markdoc, Feb 24, 2012.

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    I know most people here have had nightmares dealing with support. I usually have good results, but this one surprised me and I found something out that can help everyone. For the first time ever, I dropped my phone (Tbolt) into a sink full of water. What made it worse was that I just went through a hassle to get a brand new Tbolt, not refurbished. It was a month old and splash. After running off a number of expletives, I remembered that I paid for the extra insurance and called Verizon. They gave the info I needed & told me call Asurion. I called & got the long delay message & the web site I could use. I used the website, paid the $100 deductible, and got a phone the next day. The problem was that a month ago I paid $50 for a new Tbolt & now a paid $100 for a refurb. Lucky for me, the refurb's light bulbs didn't work. I, once again, called Verizon & begged the tech for a new Tbolt. He laughed at my story & told me that Asurion has a 30 day warranty on their phones. He called Asurion for me & connected us. While speaking to their tech, I remembered reading that they can replace your phone with a refurbished or new phone; so I told her that my Tbolt was only 1 month old because I had already gone through refurb hell and could I please have a new phone. I couldn't believe she said yes! The next day I received a brand new, boxed Tbolt. Unbelievable! As I write this, my brand new Tbolt is installing my apps. The moral is if you ever damage your phone & need to use your insurance, speak to a live person & ask for what you deserve.

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