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Google Phone (Huawei) IDEOS android 2.2 questionsSupport

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  1. matador360

    matador360 New Member

    Hi there, I'm new to android and have read pages 1-18 so far and can't find a solution to my problem

    I've just purchased the IDEOS u8150 Google phone and I've inserted my microSD card (taken from my old Nokia phone), luckily all the videos recorded via my Nokia phone played well. The problem is the audio/music, the IDEOS phone built-in music player can only recognise the MP3 flies but not the WMA, nor aac, can someone recommend a free apps that can play multiple formats ?

    also when I connected my IDEOS phone onto my MacBook pro 9via USB), and copied mp3 files from Mac drive onto the IDEOS microSD (music sub directory), I noticed the music player can see it but it does not play when you click/open file, not sure what's the problem here as well


  2. you have read pages 1-18 of what?

    You can try Rock Player.

    How are you trying to open the file? Through a file manager?
  3. matador360

    matador360 New Member

    thanks for your e-mail Sitlet,

    I've read the Android Media threads 1-18 so far trying to find a similar topic related to my problem

    I'll download Rock Player and see if this will work, otherwise I'll just buy a new microSD card

    thanks again

  4. neonam

    neonam Member

    My guess is that it has to do with the codecs. Try looking at the files on a PC using avicodec. Check the results against the codecs supported by the phone. There are programs that will decode files and save them using a different codec. Some are better than others (losses, compression). I'm not a good one to advise on which ones to use.
  5. Trekker

    Trekker Member

    Try to get hold of Rockplayer. It is a very good media player for android and plays almost all the formats.
  6. Rehmatj85

    Rehmatj85 New Member

    I am using Huawei U8150 IDEOS and I want to access an internet through data cable in my laptop.I dont have any CD or drivers, so plz suggest me hw to access?

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