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  1. spiritbear0

    spiritbear0 Member

    Hello all,

    I add the google search widget to my homescreen and it appears, but is NOT clickable.. when you click on it, it just highlights an orange box and nothing happens.

    That widget, and other market widgets appear to work (like Black Google Search widget) but I would rather not use third party search and prefer to use the native widget.

    Would some of you please try adding the google search widget and see if it works?


  2. spiritbear0

    spiritbear0 Member

    Hi Mahni

    Mine does not work. After I click on the search box, it just glows orange and nothing happens.

    The one (default) when i click Widget is a grey widget with blue "g" in it and says "Search". This doesn't work.

    After I download the new Google+ from Market, there is an blue widget and it says "Google Search". This one works fine.

    So why do i have to get Google+ just to get Search widget working. Why doesn't the default one with grey widget work?


  3. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Faulty widget present in Firmware/phone .Just install another one ,it will work fine :D.
    Install the attached file and replace it :D
  4. spiritbear0

    spiritbear0 Member


    Hi, thanks this one works perfectly. Thanks! I couldn't install it from the web - it said download failed, but I copy it to USB and install from File manager and it said replace stock, I said Yes, and it adds the widget. This is the one which I got by installing Google+ from market, and it works, so that's great.

    I believe you are correct that the stock one is defective.

    thanks very much!


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