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got 2.2, now phone sucks...

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  1. ruggrock

    ruggrock Member

    Hey, first, I'm sorry to see more people having the same problem. :(

    I did get a little better info from a sales dude who seemed to be pretty darn cell-phone savvy. He told me the MyTouch3G has 192MB RAM and that the Optimus T has 512MB (and that's what I've seen online) - which would explain why the Optimus T was flying using the 2.2 version of Android. It was doing all the same updated things...only WAY WAY WAY faster. The Optimus T is quite similar to the MT3G, so I'm not too bummed to be swapping it out.

    I did make the official request for an exchange. We'll see what I get in the mail - the chat agent referred to it as an "LG Optimus Titanium A-Stock Kit (Alternate Exchange)." Seeing will be believing. It's absolutely ridiculous that I have to pay $10 or $20 for shipping due to an update THEY sent out. I'm still debating whether or not to argue that point further...I want to see what they send me first.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    If it were as simple as that there should be NO MyTouch 3Gs that run 2.2 acceptably, but there are.
  3. Oldfield16

    Oldfield16 Member

    There are many issues running 2.2 IF you do not do a factory reset and reformat your SD card BEFORE you update.

    I had this issue, did a few factory resets, reformatted the SD card.. NEVER worked even remotely right, pictures took forever to load, multimedia messages wouldn't send (even after attempting several tricks posted online to get MMS to work), and my original pictures I had before the update were so corrupt, when I went to put them on my computer, it totally CRASHED the computer I was using! Not the phone, MY WHOLE COMPUTER. So damn lucky that my SD card didn't get corrupted just based off that.

    They had to completely replace my phone under warranty. Upon doing so, I installed froyo again, and boom, pictures loaded right away, mms worked again, everything about the phone was 100% functional. It was as though my phone was damaged by the update, like it had to work MUCH harder to pull any data from the phone, and even then my cheap Samsung A737 could pull data faster than this. No matter how many times I did a reformat/reset, it just simply would not work.

    They recommended it be replaced with an LG optimus, which has more RAM and a faster processor, but I do not trust ANYTHING LG when it comes to phones. I've never heard of anyone (including myself) having ANY LG phone that didn't have to be replaced eventually because something mysteriously malfunctioned, top of their line or otherwise. Idk if it's the fact that they just put really cheap parts in their phones or what, but they're the most inefficient, almost guaranteed to have to replace phones I've ever seen.

    Instead, a local tmobile store had another mytouch of the exact same color in stock, so I picked up, got froyo, worked great, thought hey.. I can probably tweek this even further.. so I rooted it and I've never been happier :)
  4. ruggrock

    ruggrock Member

    Interesting point tukatz, I concur. I wonder if it's just the early 3.5mm version ones that get messed up, or maybe like Oldfield mentioned, the ones that are working got a clean factory reset before the update.

    To update my situation (and essentially end my time in here :(), I just received my LG Optimus T - the grey version - the chat person never gave me a choice on color, but it looks pretty cool. I've only messed with it a little and it's WAY faster than this paperweight I'm currently stuck with. So, I guess I'll go with it. Two crummy things I've noticed so far...it doesn't come with a screen protector...so, there's another purchase I'll have to make, and it has a proprietary usb cord, so I'll have to buy another one of those if I want to charge it at work. LAME!! :mad:

    I'm not excited to read about Oldfiled's bad luck with LG gear, so, I guess I'll have to see how that works out. CNET editors give it 3.5 stars and users give it 4. Another smartphone site rated it just barely better than the MT3G. Good luck all, and best wishes with your fixes. :)
  5. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    I sold my mt3g on 1.6 before the update came out. I just recently came back and I love the 2.2...I have had none of the afore mentioned issues. swype installed just as easily as it did on my 2.1 cliq. and everything else a phone wipe took good care of
  6. JRSIV

    JRSIV Member

    Nothing helped my Fender and after a 1 & 1/2 hour call with customer care I got a new MT4G for $99 with no contract extension and I can keep my Fender. The 4G is great, I just hope all these rumors of another OTA that will "fix" the Froyo mess is true. I'd like my Fender to work whether I use it everyday or not.
  7. nmather21

    nmather21 Member

    I posted back on this thread about a month ago. Since then T-mobile actually went through some steps with me on the phone, with no improvments. So they ssent me a brand new Samsung Vibrant. Since ive gotten this phone, I officially hate the mytouch that I had. This phone is blazing fast, and my apps even look better, thanks to the amazing screen on it. I was glad T-mobile was able to do this. i told the lady I was on the verge of throwing my phone. If you do encounter problems, try giving their tech support a call. Might just get a new phone like I did.
  8. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    My Results; So far I had one phone (with the 3.5mm jack) refuse to send pictures until it was reset. It sends them as of now. Also have two original mt3g's . All three took an eternity to pull up the gallery the first time. I am using the 1.2 now and the full gallery loaded, including my 70ish picasa pictures, before the screen timed out; So about 15 seconds. Swype is a tad delayed, but I have it set to max error tolerance. As far as apps they pull up just fine without anymore lad than normal.

    I also stuck my sim in two original MT3G's. One I installed swype on worked fine and apps pulled up just as quick as the 1.2...however the other original was painfully slow to do anything. What I am gathering is it may just be luck of the draw after a reset, and the gallery is slow because of the sync
  9. esilvers

    esilvers New Member

    OMFG No! Factory Reset will do nothing! Stop suggesting it! No matter how many you do 2.2.1 is NOT a good fit for this phone!

    Yes you can take it back to 1.6. I did it this afternoon. No root needed...

    1. Reformat SD card to Fat32

    2. Download this file, rename it to sappimg.zip, and put it on the root of your SD card.

    3. Turn the phone off. Boot it by holding volume down+power.

    4. Your phone will enter hboot mode, will do a file check on the sappimg.zip, then ask if you want to continue. Press the trackball to continue.

    5. You'll see a few bars loading in the upper right-hand corner. After everything is done, it will ask you to press "Action" to reboot (again, press the trackball to confirm).

    6. The phone boots to the Google activation screen.

    7. Congrats you should now be back in 1.6...

    Your phone will now prompt you to update pretty much every hour...
  10. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    LOL...I guess if it didnt help you it won't help anyone? btw I found to get mms working if it goes awol; all you have to do is fix the apn settings. I found it airly easy on google
  11. apachecat

    apachecat New Member

    Will this work if we don't reformat? (Or, is there a way to keep my apps/contacts/images?)

    Also, what do you mean reformat it to Fat32?
    I only had my Mytouch Fender for a month before making the fatal mistake of updating... (My grandma got it when it came out, but I had to wait until my verizon phone's contract was up before I could use it).... I know very little about the android systems, so I'm sorry for the newb questions!
  12. esilvers

    esilvers New Member

    Not sure what it means but It's a format option. (you'll basically get a drop down on the format menu and it'll be a choice) I google searched the error I was having and that was the solution that was given on Xda. But also I'm not entirely sure about the fender either.

    I'm not the only one a factory reset didn't work for. I was having an MMS problem too but the serious lag in speed, the terrible new photo gallery, and the super slow android market was what made me decide to look into going into 1.6. I couldn't take it anymore.
  13. apachecat

    apachecat New Member

    I followed those steps, and my phone is back to being fast and functional! If you have a Fender, that still works. The only drawback is that the software is not the Fender software (you won't have the fancy wallpapers or fender start up screen, but everything else seems the same)
  14. travelerdawg

    travelerdawg New Member

    I have a 32B (I think thats right, I know its a B) MOBO. After update to Froyo my MT3G slowed down to a crawl! Signal was effected as well. My battery was dying very quickly.

    After about ten mins. of online chatting with a customer service rep from t-mobile and checking out this site I conducted a master reset. My MT3G is finally back to being quick! I read these posts and notice this helps some people and not others, could it be the MOBO's? Could the 32A MOBO's not like the Froyo? I don't know just a suggestion.
  15. Guilden_NL

    Guilden_NL Member

    Just coming back to unsubscribe to the thread. The difference I have is that I forced a Froyo update from XDA and never took T-Mobile's OTA update. Still running fast, no issues and I am happy with Froyo until I buy a new dual or quad CPU phone later this year.

    If you're really stuck, try the non-TMobile update. Can't hurt.
  16. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    The mms issue just seems to happen on some phones. if it isn't working you have to adjust the apn settings. I did that on a 3.5mm one and its been sending pictures ever since. My market works fine, and the gallery loads fully(including 80ish picasa photos) before the screen times out (15 seconds) It seems that for some reason some of these phones take to the update better than others.
  17. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    I would suggest a warranty exchange to anyone whose phone went to sh*t after the update
  18. ZeNmAc

    ZeNmAc Member

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'm having this same problem. Rather than make a new thread, I'll ask here. Has the problem been solved?

    Someone recently gave away this phone basically for this reason. I'd rather not root it since I'm a bit of a noob to phones and the person using it won't need it to be rooted. Is there any other way to get a faster version on it?
  19. Drkwater97

    Drkwater97 New Member

    Re: zenmac - This seems to be the only suggested actual fix for most phones that aren't accepting the update. I haven't tried it yet because I have the Fender LE and someone pointed out that the OS is not the Fender version, so I'm still thinking about it. If I do it, I'll probably try the other suggestion of formatting the SD card and doing a reset and then trying to install the update or maybe try the Non-Tmobile update instead. If it still sucks, I'll just revert it again and try to be happy with 1.6, I guess.

    But really...no this issue is still up in the air, as far as I know. I imagine Tmobile is going to just try to upgrade people's phones as a result...It's all about the benjamins, after all. And what do you suggest when any system won't handle an upgrade?..."Well it's time for a new system, of course." <--(insert condescending salesman voice here) Even though my phone is barely a year old and a Limited Edition at that. I was hoping to have it at least functional for a couple years. *Shrug* guess I'll have to try and fix it myself. If I can actually get it functioning (either with or without froyo) I'll post my solution.

    Sidenote: Don't try and Root your MT3G or Fender after it gets 2.2. Everyone i've heard of that has tried has bricked their phone. If you want to root it, I'd suggest using these instructions to revert to 1.6 first.
  20. totamus

    totamus New Member

    I had all of the same problems, and deduced that there were far too many background and network operations going on. I had done a factory reset with no help at all.

    I was ready to heave it out of the window (its happened before...)

    Something was hogging all of the resources, and about the only thing I could do was uninstall apps (just the factory apps...). I deleted everything from Google that I could (most you can't), without a significant difference.

    Then I uninstalled Market. Holy Cow! That made all the difference in the world! The phone became responsive to screen touches again, stopped stuttering, it was like getting a new phone!

    This is all anecdotal, but if you upgraded and now your phone is unusable, give it a try!

    Note 1) My phone is an HTC MyTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition,
    Note 2) I downloaded a task manager to do the uninstall and see what all was running. The one I used was "Advanced Task Manager", but I don't believe it makes any difference which one you have.
  21. JRSIV

    JRSIV Member

    Thanks for the info my friend. I asked the xda forum experts awhile back about a quick fix to the atrocious OTA Froyo update we MT3G users got keistered into us. The thread available here, gives a similar solution as you do, but I've been really sketchy about doing it. First I got a $99 MyTouch4G from T-Mo' sans contract extension after complaining to them about the flawed update, so I've had a great phone. Second, I was hoping a "Fender software fix" sappmig would get made as the one here and at xda just returns the phone to vanilla 1.6.

    Well, I want to bring my Fender back from the dead and am just gonna do the fix. Just curious because the sappmig link here is larger than the xda's. Is this one the best one to go with? Any more fellow MT3G Froyo sufferers use this particular cure? If so, you happy with it?
  22. ZeNmAc

    ZeNmAc Member

    Awesome, thanks for the help. I followed those instructions you quoted. It's working much faster now. Now I just have to wait and find someone who has a data plan to activate it for me :eek:.
  23. Xplode35

    Xplode35 New Member

    More of a reader than a poster, but my phone has been frustrating the heck out of me as of late. I've definitely considered whacking it with a hammer a few times. I've reset it a few times and have already replaced it in the past for other problems. But ever since we've gotten this update, the phone is practically unusable. After reading about similar issues for most myTouch 3g owners and TMo charging us to replace or upgrade the phone, I've just become outraged. How are they going to charge us for a replacement or upgrade when they're the ones that ruined the phone? What if I just bout a new high-end phone and then the same thing happened to it the next day? Would they make me buy a new one? This is BS! I don't know if a fix is in the works or not since this update has been out for a while now with no word from Tmo about a fix. This is bad business on their part and they should compensate us, the victims, for messing up our phones. I don't know if I should start a petition for TMo Credit or complain to the BBB, but this needs to be resolved. I was perfectly happy with the phone even though it was outdated after only being on the market for a few months. That's pretty smart of them though, sending out a corrupt update and forcing customers to upgrade their phones.
  24. JRSIV

    JRSIV Member

    I attempted this procedure and unfortunately it didn't work for me. First, I couldn't get a menu selection on the FenderMT3G to reformat the SD card. Unmounted or not the "Format SD Card" option couldn't be selected. Is there another way to "reformat"?

    Even without the reformatted SD card I tried the sappimg.zip linked to above and the sappimg.zip I got off of the xda forums. Pressing VolDwn/Power gets into the hboot as above and the sappimg.zip seems to be loading with the graphs in the corner. But it just returns to the hboot screen, no selections can be made without hitting back, etc...just not working as written.

    Any idea's, experience? I just wanna get this phone back to 1.6 without rooting, simple.
  25. ZeNmAc

    ZeNmAc Member

    If you have a card reader, reformat with your computer. That's what I did, just put in the card and did a 'quick format' (FAT32).

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