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    This is the jist of things. First i used this temporary root thing from my android it self which is called z4root. Then i started to get other apps that needed a root phone which are root uninstaller which uninstall anything on the phone even the system stuff and ad fly away i think it called which get rids of adds from apps. Then i turned off the phone and then turned i back on. By doing this, the rooting thing should be turned off and then all these error message which said something about the android has crashed and stuff. This came up every time and the certain started to crash like browser and i could not access the setting. Then i tried to reroot it and still came up with the messages. Then i decided to do a factory reset thinking nothing would happen. Once i did this, i wanted to reinstall some apps that i have backed up which did not needed root. (btw it also said something about ui being bad). When i went to android market to reinstall apk manager so i can install those apps but it just crashes. First when i open it up it pops up something saying it crashed and then it becomes a white screen then a black screen and the only thing i can do is click home to get back out of it. The only way i think i can be able to fix this is being able to do a proper refrash but i am not able to install anything. Can people help me out?
    Thank you
    The phone is an lg optimus gt540 which you could of easily guessed

  2. 786gangs

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    Btw i did delete some of the programs on the system before restarting it. I deleted 4 but i only remember 3 of them. They were 3 that i remember were 4 square, layers and google map. These software are still not on the phone even after i did factory restart.

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