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  1. shadedurza

    shadedurza Member

    For a while I was running stock gingerbread rooted with revolutionary. Then I saw the ICS OTA pop up on my phone. I did a little bit of research and ended up here. In that thread I read :

    "if youre just tired of being rooted,flash the gingerbread ruu to get back to unrooted firmware and factory recovery. leaving the revolutionary s-off bootloader in place is the safest,and best option,and will not affect your ability to recieve OTAs.

    AGAIN- if youre just following this procedure because youre tired of being rooted,skip this next section and leave the permanent hboot in place. jump to "Putting current stock firmware and s-on back onto the phone" and flash only the first "PG05IMG_no_hboot_2.11.605.9" file(you can flash the 2nd file too if you want,but the permanent hboot will block i) "

    so I did. Downloaded the first file, renamed it and flashed it. Everything went fine I I even got the ICS OTA at first boot. But after downloading the entire thing I get an error and it doesn't work. Now if I check for updates it finds the ICS one but gives me a "Server Unavailable" error.

    Can anybody tell me what I did wrong?

  2. Brian706

    Brian706 Moderator Moderator

    Hmmm.. If an RUU exists of the ICS update, you should at least be able to update that way. You would be stock and unrooted but on ICS. Then you can just root again.

    I don't have a thunderbolt, so I don't really have an arsenal of resources for you. But poke around here:
    Shipped ROMs

    It looks like at the bottom, they have ICS available. Make sure it's correct for your phone. I just did a quick search on your phone to find out it's alias, hopefully mecha was correct. But check the filenames and make sure it has all the right info for your phone.

    Edit: I don't like how there are two of the same with two different MD5 sums... Not sure which one I'd go with. Might wait for another thunderbolt user to throw in their two cents...
  3. Mayhem

    Mayhem Well-Known Member Contributor

    There's a stock, rooted, un-bloated ICS RUU available on You have to register to see the links.

    It's the 376.8 MB file.
  4. shadedurza

    shadedurza Member

    Trying this.

    Edit: This works however I needed to install the new radio then go in and root + install 4ext and then instal ics. Was having a reboot loop so I also had to install the kernal that is linked in case of boot loop.

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