Help! How do I access the phone memory (not SD)?

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  1. BarberSurgeon

    BarberSurgeon New Member

    My phone is notifying me that it is low on memory, which I assume to mean a portion of the memory that is independent from the SD card, because that has 1.75GB free. I would like to remove some of this data (it's probably because of my 500 pictures), but the only place I can think of to delete the pictures won't let me access them BECAUSE I have low memory. I've searched through the settings application, but can't find anything for manual handling of data.

    I'm pretty comfortable with technology, but this is ridiculous. Even my old Samsung picture phone had data managing tools. I hope I'm just not looking in the right place.

    I've got it plugged in to my PC via USB right now, but the folders aren't named very conveniently. I have no idea what is phone memory or SD.

    EDIT: So I think by mounting the phone via USB, I am ONLY accessing the phone memory. In that case, I need to access the SD card, so I can move some of this stuff over. I'm very confused though, because when I open the drive in My Computer it shows it as being a nearly empty 1.84 GB drive, which the phone memory should not (as far as I know) have, especially if it's full. This leads me to believe that it is in fact the SD card, but AGH... I don't know... Someone explain this to me.

  2. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

    When you hook up to your pc your looking at your sd memory.Try downloading astro file manager from the market it lets you see more files on the phone and you can copy,paste,delete etc.Also have you installed alot of apps?If so go to menu/settings/applications/manage applications/menu/filter/downloaded.That will show you all the apps installed and give you the option to uninstall them.
    To delete pictures thats been takin with the phone go to your photos folder on the phone and there under camera shots.
  3. BarberSurgeon

    BarberSurgeon New Member

    I might have a bigger problem than I originally thought. The exact message the phone is giving me says "Phone storage space is getting low." When I tap this, it send me to the application manager to (presumably) delete them or empty their caches. After checking around online for a few hours, it seems that this is a bug of some sort. I didn't have that many applications downloaded before I started deleting them, but my internal memory was down to about 40 kb -- pretty low. Now that I've deleted practically everything on my phone, it's up to 17 MB, but I still have the error message. Now for the worst part: as long as I have this message, the phone will not allow me to download any apps, preventing me from acquiring the ASTRO File Manager or anything else I'd need.
  4. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

    Restart the phone and see what you have.
    Astro File Manager for Android - Free Android software downloads and software reviews - CNET
    Here is astro file manager download link there should be a way to install it to the phone from your pc or sd card.I have noticed the longer i go without restarting my phone the memory keeps declining.
    You also need advanced task killer app.
    Advanced Task Killer Free for Android - Free Android software downloads and software reviews - CNET
    A bad sd card could possibly cause this but i doubt it.Try taking it out and see what the amount of memory is on the phone.
  5. BarberSurgeon

    BarberSurgeon New Member

    I managed to get the file browser downloaded. I'm currently at 16.66 free megs on the phone memory. I also confirmed that what I had mounted was in fact the SD card and that the phone memory was not being accessed. I also found that my pictures weren't the cause, as all media is automatically stored on the SD card (where I found and deleted them). I also learned that the indicator will supposedly go away when I clear up 20 MB.

    After checking with ASTRO, I couldn't find any major source of space hogging. When I got it, I had been making several attempts to compress an image for MMS, having to abort the process (in a likely incorrect way) every time. If the condition of my phone is my fault, and I had to guess what caused it, then I would suppose that there are numerous large uncompressed temporary .jpg files in the phone memory in a sort of pre-MMS stage. I cleared all of my mail drafts and searched the phone memory for a corresponding folder but found nothing, so I guess it's just as likely that this isn't the case, though.

    It looks like the best solution is to back up my contacts and perform a factory reset.
  6. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

  7. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

  8. BarberSurgeon

    BarberSurgeon New Member

    For the sake of closure, the reset did seem to work. I had to put all my apps back on and redo my settings and sign in to my accounts, but since I keep things pretty simple, it wasn't so bad. The reset doesn't touch the SD data, so my pictures and audio are still on board.

    I've downloaded a lot of maintenance apps (wouldn't it be ironic if...) so hopefully I can't prevent this from happening again for a while. At least until some update is released. Yeah. I'll keep dreaming too.
  9. mortal eternit

    mortal eternit New Member

    here is my problem, it would be very helpful, if some one knows, how can i access internal/phone memory,

    well, I have download an app while i have not got enuff space in my phone memory to install, thought that i will move it to sd card, the app didn't installed in my phone nither got deleted, its stuck in my phone memory now, and i am not finding a way to delete it manually, please HELP!

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