help! Htc Desire Telus unlocking question..

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  1. misskiwi

    misskiwi New Member

    Ok so here is my situation.

    I have a TELUS HTC Desire and I no longer want to pay their ridiculous prices for their plans, I do however love my phone and want to keep it.

    I want to switch companies and move to either mobilicity, wind or koodo...basically for the waaaay cheaper rates. After much searching, I am still unsure about which companies use which networks and which companies would be compatible with the network the phone is on. Wanting to do this asap. Any help would be much appreciated.


  2. toothick76

    toothick76 New Member

    i have the same problem if you could help me out i would be so thankful
    e-mail me at
  3. misskiwi

    misskiwi New Member

    Would it be easier to just sell my phone and go with a brand new Droid from one of the cheapee companies?

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