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HELP... Phone keeps rebooting after flashing rom

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  1. mavenali

    mavenali Member

    After flashing my htc one v to any available rom it will load into the os for about 15 seconds and reboot. It will then load again and reboot. Neverending cycle.

    I unlocked bl
    flash cm10 and gapps
    flashed boot.img

    using twrp recovery 2.2

    also cleared cache x3
    and dalvik x3

    tried factory reset. still loads and reboots after 15 seconds.

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, mavenali!
    Have you updated TWRP? I believe there's a newer version out there which may be causing problems.
  3. MasterControl

    MasterControl Member

  4. mavenali

    mavenali Member

    is there another link for the RUU? the one on that post "Im giving up on flashing jb" it doesn't want to download
  5. MasterControl

    MasterControl Member

    Are you on Virgin Mobile in the US? The list of One V RUUs is here:
    Directory listing of http://www.htcruu.com/Primo

    Make sure you have the post-OTA ( radio in HBOOT before trying this fix... there's another bootloop issue I saw after installing certain kernels (e.g., simon's Jellyboot5), so you could try installing the "SuperSlick1-0" kernel if you already have the correct version ( of the radio firmware.
  6. mavenali

    mavenali Member

    I tried renaming the RUU to pk76img.zip and locked bootloader
    it reads and checks then says CID incorrect! Update Failed!

    I have bluegrass cellular
  7. mavenali

    mavenali Member


    is the file i changed rom.zip to pk76img.zip

    I tried though hboot and fastboot

    both ways tell me Wrong CID

    I flashed boot and recovery it came with and locked bootloader.

    nothing wants to work.
  8. MasterControl

    MasterControl Member

    I believe that RUU will only work with Virgin Mobile (Sprint) ... you might be out of luck if you didn't back up the original ROM with TWRP/CWM, because I've never seen an RUU for Bluegrass (in fact I'd never heard of the company before this post...)
  9. mavenali

    mavenali Member

    Bluegrass cellular is a local company in kentucky. after the OTA update to the .0928 radio it started saying virgin mobile..

    is it possible that if i take it to bluegrass cellular they would be able to reflash the radio?
  10. rickyx32

    rickyx32 Well-Known Member

    I was having a royally annoying time trying to install a JB ROM last night, with it bootlooping, all I had to do to fix it was wipe the cache and dalvik before and AFTER flashing the rom and then rebooting into bootloader to flash the kernel through the PC.
  11. MasterControl

    MasterControl Member

    In that case it's definitely the same issue, since the .0928 radio will bork any non-stock kernel. Somebody posted a different solution here:

    I'm not sure what the "Wrong CID" is about... what does it tell you when you run `fastboot getvar cid` in fastboot-usb?

  12. mavenali

    mavenali Member

    cid = utsi_005
  13. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    if you used a Virgin RUU, that is your issue.
  14. mavenali

    mavenali Member

    yea i know that now! lol.. any ideas where i could find RUU for bluegrass cellular (acg Associated carriers group)
  15. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    There are ways to pull off the partitions from a phone in raw data form. If you know someone with the same phone and carrier, they could run the command to back all of that up and send it to you to put back on.

    However, that probably won't fix a flashed radio. Radios are the one place you can really destroy a phone fast.
  16. mavenali

    mavenali Member

    My htc was an upgrade about 3 weeks ago.. I got a upgrade offer for samsung galaxy s2 today.. a computer glitch on bluegrass cellulars system that I was never supposed to recieve.

    SO I have an htc one v (s-on) no operating system right now... am offering it up to be flashed and reflashed and so on.... experiment away!!

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