How can I completely get rid of the vibration when receiving SMS texts?Support

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  1. Digirain

    Digirain Member

    Hi there!

    I run my X10 mini pro on a normal profile. I have been through the settings and have switched off vibration as much as possible. However whenever I receive a text, it ALWAYS vibrates. I lose at least 10% of my battery charge everytime it vibrates.

    How can I completely eliminate the vibration particularly when receiving SMS texts?

  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    In your messaging app press Menu and then settings and ensure that vibration is turned off there. If it is and you are still getting a vibration then I would suggest trying a third party messaging app such as Handcent then you can turn off all notifcations in the Sony
    Ericsson messaging application which should hopefully stop it! You can modify Handcent's notifications more extensively than you can with the SE app.

    If none of that works then your last recourse is running a software repair via PC Companion or Sony Ericsson Update Service, but both these will entirely wipe the phone so make sure you back up your contacts/sms etc first and you can reinstall any downloaded apps from the Market afterwards.
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  3. Digirain

    Digirain Member

    :D Thank you so much rosered - I was unaware of the settings menu within the messaging app!

    Excellent! Cheers!

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