How do i remove my email from my Samsung galaxy portal?Support

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  1. McClane

    McClane New Member

    Evening guys and girlies

    im giving my phone to a friend, but for the life of me can't see how i REMOVE my email from the phone, everytime i check my email address and password are still there, i dont want all my messages coming though on the phone after its gone

    ive been searching forums for 3 hours now, :(

    any help will be greatly appreciated

  2. Just do a factory reset on the phone. And also call your carrier, and make sure the phone number gets transferred to the other person, or they will be getting your texts and calls.
  3. McClane

    McClane New Member

    the phone ive had from somone else and is unlocked , when i press EMAIL then check the ACCOUNTS and its still there, can't get rid of it :(

    how do i do a factory reset mate?
  4. McClane

    McClane New Member


    to remove it all you do is keep your finger pressed on the account, then the option comes up to remove the account!! tried everything for hours but nothing! then tried that lol

    sorry to waste your time guys, hopfully it comes in use for somone else some day

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