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How much data do apps take up, and exactly where do they go?

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  1. Scherzo

    Scherzo New Member


    I am using the HTC Desire Z and am very interested in finding out where my apps go when I download them, hence I recorded information about my phone using the app called 'Android System Info' before and after downloading an app. Let me put the data here.

    App used:
    Angry birds - seasons
    Stored on SD card

    Before installing 'Angry birds - seasons'

    Internal memory:

    SD card:

    After installing 'Angry birds - seasons'

    Internal Memory:

    SD card:

    After deleting 'Angry birds - seasons'

    Internal Memory:

    SD card:

    This has made me very confused as downloading the app took up space in both my internal memory and SD card even though it only said that it would be stored on my SD card. Even then, it should only take up 2.05mb in my SD card, which was not the case as it took up 18.31mb, much more than 2.05mb.

    Another thing is, deleting the app did not remove the app totally from my internal memory, as seen from 946.97 decreasing to 946.4.

    1) When the app says 'stored on SD', why is it stored on both phone and SD?

    2) When the app says 2.05mb, why does it take up 18.31mb instead?

    3) After I've deleted the app, why is it not totally removed from my phone's internal memory?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Apps are never fully installed on the card, only the extra data is moved to the card.

    thats the compressed file size. When the app is uncompressed, it takes up more space.

    It will be after a reboot.
  3. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    1. Part of the app must remain on thei nternal memory for the app to function properly.
    2. Data and cache generated by the app are not included in the market download.
    3. Not all the files generated by the app are removed by the uninstall process for various reasons. One may be saved progress will remain if you reinstall tyre app later.
  4. Scherzo

    Scherzo New Member

    Is there a way to check how much will be installed on the phone and how much extra data will be installed on the card?
  5. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    Only after you install an app, you can check that.
    One simple way is to use App2SD Free from Market and see the impact by moving it between internal and external storage.

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