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  1. rozana

    rozana New Member

    I have recently bought a Samsung galaxy 5 phone. There are apps already installed on it which i don't need. Can anyone tell me how to delete these apps?:rolleyes:

  2. birdseye

    birdseye Member

    Yes I would like to know too. The particular apps are the Samsung pre installed ones from the likes of Hasbro

    So how do we get rid of junk apps?
  3. santipalenque

    santipalenque New Member

    same problem here, i think you need to have root access... but no idea how to do so
  4. Rambo69only

    Rambo69only Member

    Yes you need to have root privelages.You could try universal androot but I don't no much about rooting so maybe check with somoen else what to do.
  5. On Droid1234

    On Droid1234 Well-Known Member

    You need root access you I think the best way to root is by superoneclick type this on google and click on the shortfuse website one and install from there. You can search on youtube on how to use it once you install it you may get a security but do not worry about that just root your phone and then download titanium backup, back up the apps that you want to delete via titanium backup just incase you need them later and then unistall them after the backup.

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