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Support how to let wifi be switched on even when the phone screen is off?

  1. evilguy93

    evilguy93 New Member

    I switched on my wifi and is using ebuddy and whatsapp, however when i turn my phone sxreen off, i can no longer receive msgs from others and only when i switched on the sxreen will i receive the msg. so is my wifi temporarily switched off? If yes, how can i setit to be always on? And the batt life of lg optimus black is quite short so would this permenant switching on of wifi further reduce the batt life by a lot? Also how would that be compared to switching 3G network permenantly on?

    Thanks very much!

  2. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Hey EVIL (heh heh) you should be able to go to your wifi- Advanced Settings and select "Never Sleeps" . My guess is that, even when your screen is off (timed out), your wi-fi should still be active....
  3. evilguy93

    evilguy93 New Member

    Hi, may i know how can i access the advanced setting of my wifi?
  4. Callistus

    Callistus Active Member

    Enter WiFi settings and press the menu button.

    Kinda weird Android doesn't keep it in the settings tree. :confused:

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