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  1. nikobellic

    nikobellic Member

    Hello all...
    I am a newbie to this forum and Android OS as well..!! I am very happy to use an Android (v2.1 update 1) based mobile (Sony Ericsson W8):). No sooner my happiness got drooped :eek::confused: by coming to know that I could not store my Apps and games in SD card (which I previously could do that in my Nokia mobile). I googled about that and heard about Apps2SD software, but later I came to know that it works on Android v2.2 and up..!! :(

    All I want to know that, how to move my installed apps or games to my SD card. Also, meanwhile I come by the word "rooting" in Android mobiles... what's that..? Can anyone please answer my question..?

    Thanks in advance...

  2. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Welcome to the forums!

    You are quite correct - apps to SD is a feature available from Froyo (Android 2.2) and up. In order to be able to do that, your phone would have to be running at least that firmware.

    In answer to your other question... to try and help you understand - what is rooting or does being rooted mean

    I hope that helps a little. If you have any questions, either post in here or feel free to ndrop me a PM! :)
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  3. kenneth19

    kenneth19 New Member

    Hi nikobellic. first of all, Apps2sd is for Android 2.2 and higher. stock W8 is only up to 2.1 (eclair). you can still use Apps2sd but you have to modify/upgrade your ROM. If your a newbie in android, I don't suggest you modify your ROM, you might brick your W8. However, you can still transfer your apps and games to your sd card by using link2sd application. but you still have to root your w8 in order to install and use link2sd.

    Rooting is simply accessing the operating system of your unit.
  4. kenneth19

    kenneth19 New Member

    how to root your w8?
    1. you must have framework v2.0 or higher on your pc. if you don't have, you can download it from microsoft download center. it's free.
    2. download superoneclick. i used superoneclick v2.1.1. you can download it at
    3. before you root your w8, i suggest you first update it to refresh your OS. use sonyericsson pc companion. it's easy, just follow the instructions.
    4. if you have already done item 1 to 3, you can now root your w8.
    5. enable USB debugging. Settings-Applications-Development-USB debugging (check it)
    6. connect your w8. wait until your hardware is installed and ready to use.
    7. Open superoneclick.
    8. Click root.
    9. Accept install busybox.
    10. Donate? you have the option to donate or not.
    11. Wait until it says you phone is now rooted.
    12. Reboot your phone.
    13. You must see the superuser icon on you phone after reboot.
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  5. nikobellic

    nikobellic Member

    Thanks fella... thanks for giving me info on Rooting...
  6. nikobellic

    nikobellic Member

    Thank you very much dude for step by step guidance... I hope it would become successful... I'll post my review after doing this..
  7. p0men

    p0men Member

    hi ... why can not I change the app to sd card? help me what should I do
  8. djsdl

    djsdl New Member

    Ok Kenneth iv done everything you said !!! and then what should i have to do to transfer my apps ? i tried somethings but didnt work.. :/ can u help a bit more ; D !!! please !
  9. nikobellic

    nikobellic Member

    hey kenneth.. i've done those steps... Now i can see superuser icon on my phone... but how to use it.. ?!!:confused: I mean how to transfer apps to memory card..?
  10. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    if you have superuser then it means you have sucesfully rooted your phone..
    so install link2sd to transfer your apps.. search for the new version, v1.9.0
  11. vincealex315

    vincealex315 Member

    Hi to all,:)

    I'm just new to this phone (SE XPERIA X8 v2.1).

    I would like to inquire, if I have "LINK2SD" app & my phone is already rooted, Can I transfer files or applications from my phone memory to SD card?

  12. sevyj

    sevyj Member

  13. vincealex315

    vincealex315 Member

  14. mezzomad

    mezzomad New Member

    I have a W8 sony ericsson W8 mobile phone and need help in transferring the applications from Phone memory to SD card
    I tried the Link2SD as well but i couldn't do it , and App2SD is also not allowing me to do so
    my Android version is 2.1
    Can anyone help me
  15. GSAgg

    GSAgg New Member

    i have samsung galaxy mini s gt5570 with android 2.3 and want to move applications from my phone memory to SD card and how can i download application from android market to direct SD card, to avoid "memory full "msg
  16. nameless6666

    nameless6666 New Member

    hi to all.. i have a question about rooting W8 phone...
    will it be affect the warranty of my phone???
    pls help.. i realy want 2 install the Link2sd
  17. Chilibibi

    Chilibibi New Member

    Hi all, i'm new to!
    I just bought an Xperia X8, and because i also can't save my apps on my sd card, i have been searching for some help (hence me joining). i don't understand what you all a talking about. Could someone explain please?

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