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Htc First Unlocked on T-mobile feedbackGeneral

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  1. ld626

    ld626 Member

    I just got a Htc First unlocked, and I put a t-mobile sim card on it and it's working awesome, I do have t-mo 4g LTE in my area and I dit set the APN to T-mobile's LTE network. I don't think it work on T-mo's regular 4G, tell us your experience if you're on the same network, it's a shame that this device it's discontinued.

  2. theisonews

    theisonews Well-Known Member

    yeah , i wish there were roms.
  3. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    I posted all the information I could find on rooting and s-off your HTC First in the rooting forums

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