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htc inspire unlocked working on tmobile

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  1. alexa23ct

    alexa23ct New Member

    does anyone knows how to get the wi-fi calling app from tmobile, i have an inspire from att and i unlocked it works fine with tmobile but i cant find a way to dowload the wi-fi calling app...help:(

  2. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

    Unless you are rooted, you are out of luck.

    Here are the requirements:

    1. T-Mobile Network (which you apparently have) :D
    2. CyanogenMod ROM
    3. Kernel with T-Mobile WiFi Calling modules added and comipiled SPECIFICALLY for the HTC Inspire (Which I have not been able to confirm exists) :(

    Sooooooo... in short... You're out of luck at this time.
  3. dersaun

    dersaun New Member

    do anyone have the unlock codes for the htc inspire im swicthing to t-mobile
  4. mrcamp

    mrcamp Well-Known Member

    If you are referring to the subsidy unlock code, it's specific to each phone/IMEI. If you are on AT&T, just call them and they will put in a request for it. I called a few months ago and got mine instantly.

  5. nicoliniman

    nicoliniman New Member

    i just unlocked and switched to tmobile with HTC inspire.

    edge network has a check mark under it in the notif. bar but no apps that use data will load, it said theres no connection.

    i did everything tok battery out, reset network and phone all that shit

    has this ever happened to you
  6. mrcamp

    mrcamp Well-Known Member

    You need to enter Tmobile's data settings under wireless networks profile and make sure that it's selected.


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