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  1. achangb

    achangb New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Just got my HTC One in Canada and was wondering if anyone else had the same issues with fit and finish?

    a) There is a gap at the top and bottom of the phone between the plastic and the speaker grills of approx. the thickness of a piece of paper on the left side only. The plastic finish is also a bit rough, you can definately feel some roughness along the edge with your finger tip

    b) the speaker grill and the glass do not sit flush with each other, one side definately feels a bit raised than the other (say the right side) for both top and bottom speaker grills.

    Is this a common issue with everyone? Or did I just get a lemon out of the bunch and should I exchange?


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  2. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    The small gap is on every phone as far as I know. I saw it in a review. And I have it in my One as well. Everything else is all good
  3. Tink-GB

    Tink-GB Well-Known Member

    Nope not on mine...send 'em back
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  4. emf1138

    emf1138 Well-Known Member

    Hmm, don't see it on mine.
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  5. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    My Phone has no gaps or rough edges
    the Screen is not perfectly smooth with the speaker grills
    but its not an issue to me
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  6. Cbot

    Cbot Member

    Nothing like that on my phone. Exchange it if you can.
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  7. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Could someone who has a phone that does not have the gaps/finish issues please post some pix,for those who aren't pleased w/the quality to have something to show the CSR's what the ONE should look like.

    I'm anticipating an ETA of 4/24-25 & if mine has the gaps,I'm taking/sending it right back to BEST BUY w/o activating it & getting another one.

    THX! :)
  8. ttusomeone

    ttusomeone Active Member

    I agree I'd like to see a picture of one from someone who doesn't have a gap. After seeing the post I looked at mine and I have a gap but I would say it's not even as thick as a piece of paper...maybe half the width of a piece of paper and I would have never noticed it unless I had seen this post. I would say it's not perfect but honestly I would feel embarrassed trying to take it back. It's only on the bottom right corner.
  9. nomunk

    nomunk Well-Known Member

    I do not have this issue on my phone, you should mos def take it back before your validity period expires.
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  10. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    I get the sentiment :),but,considering how much $ the phone cost,I quickly let go of such notions. :vroam:

    A lot of other items that I purchase,I'd let some fit/finish issues slide.However,as most here,I have my phone at the ready from sunrise to sunset,everyday & for a premium price,I expect a premium product.

    It's nothing personal between me & HTC/BEST BUY,purely business,just as it is on their end, & the ZERO-GAP construction is their marketing creation.
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  11. ttusomeone

    ttusomeone Active Member

    I agree and am definitely not above taking something back that doesn't meet my expectations. You pay this month for something you expect it to be high quality. I guess I'm not clear on perfection. My phone definitely doesn't have the same size gap as the OP but if you look closely you can see something. Again I was actually closely looking at the phone trying to find something. Seeing pictures from someone who has no gaps would definitely help me decide.
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  12. Nevis

    Nevis Well-Known Member

    FYI: It turns out that the speaker covers are actually a separate part from the zero-gap, uni-body back piece. I saw in a drop test where the speaker cover popped off when the phone landed on its corner.

    HTC One vs iPhone 5 Drop Test! - YouTube
  13. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see a photo as well. I don't think anyone can produce one, so please prove me wrong. As far my phone. Paper thin gap on the top and bottom. Everything is fine. My speaker grills sit flush and the edges are not rough
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  14. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    This was actually my main concern,a flush & smooth fit/finish,with the buttons properly fitted/position.The gaps were/are still a concern & from some accounts,the gap(s) & uneven fit of the glass seemed to go hand-in-hand.

    Still awaiting delivery,so,in the meantime,I won't be fretting over it,as I'll have a satisfactory outcome one way or the other.
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  15. Cbot

    Cbot Member

    After getting up close, under a nice light, and getting somewhat intimate with my phone I noticed a super tiny gap in the lower left corner of my phone and the top speaker grill is a little higher than my screen. Other than that it is fine. Nothing as noticeable as OP's pictures but hey, I guess JimKnuckles has a point.
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  16. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    I don't have a gap on the top of the phone or where the speaker meets the screen but there is a barely noticeable one on the bottom left hand side
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  17. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I created a Thread with some Videos that outline the problems with some of the build quality issues, however I didn't know where it is guys...Somewhere merged within one of our other threads if anyone feels like looking.

    Anyway I'm sorry to report that I went to my local at&t store yesterday evening and yes they're demo had it the gaps and a few other very noticeable issues as far as build quality goes, this is a different store that I visited the other day. But that's not the bad news...I actually was going to go through with an upgrade and maybe try to over look some of these BUILD QUALITY ISSUES, and the sales rep assured me it was not wide spread what I was talking about...Well we went through 3 freshly opened brand new devices and before activating he allowed me to check all of them...All 3 had the Gap issue and all 3 exhibited a rough surface where the plastic is on either the sides, the top, or the bottom of the phone...One was extremely sharp at the top. Needless to say these build quality issues are unexceptable IMHO and I ended up for second time not picking up a phone that I have been waiting months for.

    Is this exceptable to some, maybe, but to me this is 100% not cool and not going to cut it for me. I'm a person who goes through about a half dozen Android phones a year along with IOS devices as well in which I post in another Forum all together. However the point is I go through alot of phones and expect pretty much any device I'm spending good money on whether purchased through retail or with an upgrade to at least be issue free out of the Box. Not the case with the ONE.

    I will be skipping this phone and moving along with my nexus 4 and iphone 5 until something else comes out and not be posting anything else about my experiences with trying to buy the ONE twice. Reason being because some people think its just me maybe being hard on a device...lol, or my experiences just getting lost in the shuffle somewhere when they shouldn't because I've been a pretty honest contributer the last few years trying to help fellow members really get a feel for a device before they go out and pull the trigger and pick up the device being spoken about. I've done this with god knows how many Android devices the last few years. Either way it's all cool...Good luck peeps.
  18. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't blame you one bit, when I get mine today I will be checking it thoroughly to make sure it is okay.

    All phones have faults though, my iPhone 5 power button is barely working now and that has happened to 3 other people I know as well. Also I remember a ton of people talking about poor quality of the chips being on the black iPhone 5 when it was first released.

    My point is that a lot of first batch phones have some problems and this is to be expected.

    With that said I still wouldn't settle for something until you find it acceptable.

    My only regret in the back of my mind right now is that being on AT&T again is that I really want a nexus 4 now. Hehe, my wife is going to kill me with all my phones.
  19. foosh

    foosh Member

    i have all the same issues the OP has. rough edges, making it look like they used a carving knife to cut the plastic. n theres a very tiny gap.

    you'd only notice this if you are closely examining the phone. so its not that big of a deal for me. the glass on my phone is a hair sliver off center as well.
  20. barryl85

    barryl85 Well-Known Member

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  21. Cbot

    Cbot Member

    haha what the hell? That is some serious issue if your phone has jagged edges and a gap that big to make that kind of noise. My plastic is perfectly smooth I think if you aren't getting that go and exchange your phone ASAP.
  22. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    She makes good videos, and is usually very honest from jump street. I posted this video a few days ago and it got pushed to the side and lost in the shuffle somewhere?

    Apparently some don't want to hear any negative feedback about the ONE whether it's true or not. Which is a shame because I had some pretty high hopes for this phone. But those swearing these issues don't exist sound as bad as the Apple fan boys and girls that refuse to except the fact that the iphone 5 had some serious build flaws when it was first released, that actually still exist 6 months later. unexceptable IMO when someone is spending roughly $600+ on a phone. If I was in the market for a phone right now I'd skip the ONE for about a month and see if HTC starts using correct build techniques instead of a dull knife to cut the plastic that inserts into the aluminum unibody frame.
  23. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Wolf hows yours out of the box today?
  24. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Don't go there, it's not how we roll, thank you. :cool:

    And those not having the issue is not the same as anyone saying the issue doesn't exist.

    So, the fanboy thing - also not on topic, ok.
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  25. Samcanadian

    Samcanadian Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't have even noticed if it wasn't for this thread.

    Looked at my phone and there's a bit of a gap above the microUSB slot. Shrugged it off...I couldn't care less, to be honest.
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