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    Hey everyone I have a Droid Razr that I rooted a few weeks ago almost immediately after getting it. Anyways, Verizon Wireless since has released an over the air update for the Droid Razr, however, everytime I try to install the update it fails at the end. I've heard that the reason that I can't install the update is because I probably deleted some bloatload from the phone, which is I did I used Titanium Backup to remove those annoying Verizon Wireless apps that I don't want on my phone. At any rate, does anyone here know what to do so that I can install the new OTA update on my Droid Razr? Does anyone here know how to SBF my Droid Razr back to stock so that it has all the annoying bloatload on it as if I just took the phone out of the box? Thanks in advance! :)

    Watch my video this is why I got the phone :) Motorola Droid Razr Scratch Test! Droid RAZR scrat - YouTube
    it is very scratcht resistant and it is by no means scratch proof obviously if you try hard enough you will scratch the phone. I wouldn't recommend that you try this just in case you do scratch it.

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    Can't link you at the moment, but XDA has a version of the update that you can flash through Safestrap.
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    He XDA has a version of the OTA update?
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