I lost my HTC Desire HDGeneral

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  1. randombanana

    randombanana New Member

    Anyone found it?

    Nah, I'm kidding... I'm wondering if HTCSense would help me find it? I've logged on and it cannot currently locate it, (as I assume its battery has run out, and it is currently switched off) but what if it's found and is switched back on? The only issue with this is that my SIM requires a PIN. If my SIM card was switched out with another would my HTCSense still be linked to the lost phone?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I'm looking at being


    THE ANDROID Well-Known Member

    HTCSense doesn't need a SIM to work, it just uses the email account you used to set it up ie your gmail account, the one you use to log into on the site, it'll send out a push notification locking the phone and should locate it if its on.

    If you had no lock pattern or code, then the person who found it could easily turn HTC Sense off provided they know how to.
  3. saj_2001ind

    saj_2001ind Well-Known Member

    the phone requires an internet connection also for htcsense to work, if someone had turned off internet connection on phone then htcsense.com have no way to communicate with phone
  4. RussWWFC

    RussWWFC Well-Known Member

    Pretty useless if it get in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing then. Never worked for me anyway
  5. saj_2001ind

    saj_2001ind Well-Known Member

    htcsense services is still not working perfectly at least for all I know and for me...so if you planning to locate ur phone through htcsense then maybe u are in trouble here dude
  6. springy

    springy Well-Known Member

    Even though HTCSense website don't fully work, I do believe the location works and the ringing and the full delete of the phone works...

    Just the rest of the dashboards are missing for me like contacts and sms backup etc.
  7. saj_2001ind

    saj_2001ind Well-Known Member

    but still htcsense.com will need some form of internet connection with phone to locate it, the phone has to have some live connection gprs/edge/3g/wifi
  8. randombanana

    randombanana New Member

    So maybe some lessons to be learnt here are:
    1. Don't put a PIN on your phone
    2. Make sure your battery is full if you plan on losing it
    3. Try tracking it as soon as it's lost

    Would you recommend I block the phone? Or wait and see if someone charges it up and switches it on with a different SIM in it? Would that potentially locate it? (HTCSense's locator worked for me before it went missing)
  9. randombanana

    randombanana New Member

    bump. Any ideas guys? Thanks
  10. RussWWFC

    RussWWFC Well-Known Member

    Think it's too late, had HTC sorted their Sense out before you lost it you may have been in luck

    Only suggestion I can make is:

    Report it stolen/lost: The IMEI should be on the box, report it and it will be barred from all UK Networks (or presumably whatever Country you are in

    Try ringing it/texting it offering a reward
  11. RussWWFC

    RussWWFC Well-Known Member

    Also email HTC, tell them you have lost your phone and that the finder service can not see it.

    If they give the bog standard reply of "Our engineers are sorting it, tell them that's no use to you, and what are they going to do about it seen as it was one of the main reasons you spent so much on the phone!
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  12. Laly Kiri

    Laly Kiri New Member

    Hi ,
    I lost my htc phone on 5/6/12. The IEMI No **********. i request u to block the use of this phone in Kuwait and India, and send the user a message that it is a stolen phone.
  13. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Hello and welcome Laly Kiri - thanks for joining!! :)

    Sorry... we are a discussion forum, so cannot help you with that. You are best speaking to your mobile operator - they should be able to sort it out for you! :)
  14. TaTsMaRk

    TaTsMaRk Member

    I just installed 'where's my droid' app, seems to be good.
    Free version rings misplaced phone and locates stolen phone by GPS ...both ativated by logging on to web page, or by texting user-set key words to phone.
    Pro (paid for version) has many options including wiping SIM and memory card, also sends text to a user-set number to inform u if the SIM has been replaced in the phone.
    This wont help randombanana get his phone back, but may be of interest to others before they lose their phone!
    Also, I'm NOT a tech head, so would welcome any advice from more knowledgeable members on wether this app has any downfalls?
    (apologies if this is old news LOL)

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