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  1. Pred-a-tor

    Pred-a-tor Well-Known Member

  2. 4ubest

    4ubest Well-Known Member

    I am sorry there is no traffic over here as I am trying to get into the fastboot mode by hitting vol+ and power together and holding until I see in upper left... YET I cannot get anything but regular boot.
  3. 4ubest

    4ubest Well-Known Member

    How long does this process take as it has been in fastboot mode for more than 15 minutes now and the blasted cmd prompt went by so fast I have ZERO idea what in the world is happening, but I think I now have a brick.
  4. 4ubest

    4ubest Well-Known Member

    Actually my brick I restarted with a pin in the back so I was then able to restart the process and it is now successfully updated to ICS.
  5. Pred-a-tor

    Pred-a-tor Well-Known Member

    Awesome 4ubest!
  6. nuismer

    nuismer Active Member

    I just updated to ICS per the LePan PDF and had a few problems so I thought that I would share these and how I stumbled on the fixes.

    First, I could not get the tablet into "fastboot" mode. I tried the Vol + and Power buttons together many times and all I would get is a normal boot. Then I read many of the forums and one said something about the "hold" switch. Sure enough having the switch in off mode (switch to the left) cured one of the problems. Then I could get in "recovery" mode with Vol - and power but not "fastboot". So I did a reset with the pinhole and that finally fixed everything. The ICS update went exactly as the PDF instructions state.
  7. pistol234

    pistol234 New Member

    Hi guys, I want to try to update my new le pan 2 to ics on windows 7 and the first part of the instructions say to use the rar file. I don't have winrar and don't want to dish out for it. There is a link at the end of the rar link on the le pan website where the upgrade is that says "zip file". I know I can unzip something. So should/can I use the zip file instead? Thanks for any help.:confused:
  8. georganna

    georganna New Member

    how can I delete photo in Gallery on LePan2

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